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Old 10-05-15
geoffma geoffma is offline
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They did lend me a rental pajero for 2 weeks to butter me up.

Reason: should be changing brake fluid every 2 years!?
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Old 10-05-15
RUGGA RUGGA is offline
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Ok. Thanks for that. So it had the correct fluid but not changed regularly enough?
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Old 11-06-15
Hungie's Avatar
Hungie Hungie is offline
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Angry Same here

Digging up an old thread, but to assist with the education of others, the same issue happened to me. While driving on freeway at 110kph ABS, Traction Control and Handbrake lights came on along with LOUD alarm tone. Drove home ok, but next morning when I went to start it, the brake pedal was rock hard and no brakes. Took it to Mitsubishi, who checked and my V.I.N. apparently wasn't affected by the accumulator recall (so no free repair for me). The Tech was really good and along with the scan tool went through a process of elimination. Fault code 53 lead him to a failed "pump motor assembly". $1,321.00 later, the old girl is all fixed and stops like never before (I thought it stopped well before). I probably shouldn't be celebrating this costing me $1,300, but with the possibility of the issue being a complete HBB failure and a repair bill of potentially $3,500, it's hard not to be happy.

My 2c, during my internet research when this first happened, it occurred to me how many people post problems like this, then never follow up post their outcome / problem fix. Its really good info for others following with the same issue if you provide as others and I have above.

2003 NP Paj, with 240,000 k's

See you out on the tracks guys

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Old 30-12-15
Somewhereinoz9 Somewhereinoz9 is offline
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Default HBB Accumulator or Motor?

HI All

I have been reading these and other posts of members who have suffered a similar problem.

The other day I was simply turning a corner and suffered a power loss (blown 40A ignition fuse) which I replaced - only to have the ABS & Brake warning light come on (no buzzer though) which I cannot get rid of.

I also have a VERY hard brake pedal which does not stop the car with your foot on the brake and in gear (without considerable effort anyway).

I am wondering if the blown fuse would be more likely the problem with the motor (and what caused the blown fuse) as some have had. I am not really impressed with the idea of having to spend $3200+ for a new HBB (especially given I am up for the 190,000km service as well.

Any ideas or suggestions keenly welcome, especially if you can put me onto anyone in the Adelaide area that may be able to help me out.


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Old 10-11-19
PTMES1 PTMES1 is offline
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Default Traction Control/ABS/Handbrake ALL ON w/- Alarm

Hi all,
I understand this thread has been circulating for some time but have an offering.
May be useful maybe not but here goes anyway...

Yesterday our beloved 2003 NP Exceed DiD 3.2 Manual started first thing in the morning with the dreaded:
1. Both Traction control dash warning lights illuminated
2. ABS Dash Warning illuminated
3. Handbrake warning light on dash only partially extinguishing when lever released
4. Audible alarm
5. Impossibly hard brake pedal with zero effective braking

Our Paj did go through the dealer's recall and was tended to in about 2006 and all has been happy motoring since. After reading the wealth of knowledge and information here yesterday and trying every offered method of remedy I had no luck.... so in exasperation turned to good old YouTube. Here I found a mechanic performing an ABS pump / accumulator replacement. His first comment was to give the accumulator a bit of a tap with a small hammer as sometimes in the early stages of failure the spring/shaft mechanism can 'Stick '. With a very ginger tap from a small household hammer with engine running I witnessed a whirring sound and the alarm and lights extinguished! Holey Moley! The traction control (TC) off remained on so I quickly jumped in and went for a rapid run up the road and performed an emergency brake. Everything worked perfectly. Activated the TC switch on the console and TC light went out. Performed several more emergency brake maneuvers all of which returned perfect straight line stops. Obviously this fault is indicative of an imminent failure of the ABS unit so will be taking to local mechanic to have the module replaced for many pesos I am sure, but, for the meantime, we have had a temporary win.
I do hope this snippet has been of some benefit and / or at the very least informative.
Happy motoring all.
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Old 10-11-19
benckj benckj is offline
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From my experience the tap allows motor to start running after it stalls on missing segment of the communicator. Make sure the electric motor is rebuilt or replaced.
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