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Old 03-12-18
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Default Aussie made Solar Screens

Hey all,

I figure its about time I got around to doing providing a run down of the solar screens I picked up for me ol Paj around 12 months ago.

I've been meaning to get around to it for a while but the hot weather coming back reminded me to get them out again and get my finger out with regards to getting the review done.

The screens themselves I picked up second hand off gumtree from the same guy I got the water tank and diesel bladder off that I also did the reviews on.

According to the website, they can be had from various dealers around Aus or ordered direct from their site.

I was going to make my own set from reflectix as per other utube videos but when these came up for the 80bucks I jumped on them. On pricing the materials, I found it was more expensive than I thought.

Seems the US gets that stuff much cheaper than us.

If you know of a good price let me know, I'd like to make some up for the Van and shed later on.

Quality of these is far better than anything I could have made. Plus they come with a bag to store them in. Anything I made would have just been stuffed into the shed with everything else.

There's something like 7 layers to these things with the outside with a reflective foil material, the inside a padded pvc and a bunch of other stuff sandwiched in between.

Fitment is done as you would expect, via suction caps dotted around the outside and I gotta say, these are some of the best ones I've encountered on a product.

It also came with some spares also. (nice touch)

Since these aren't your generic screens, they are custom cut to fit to your vehicle and they fit very well.

In addition to blocking visable, IR and UV light, to keep it cool in summer and warmer in winter, the also do a good job stopping anyone taking a peak over the back of the Paj when parked up.

Since I tend to have it loaded up with various bits and bobs, this is an added bonus that I like very much.

They also look nifty from the outside.

Temp wise, I'd say they give around a 10degree reduction in the heat if not more.

Since I run a fridge over the back 24/7 via a dcdc and solar, it helps the fridge run that bit cooler and obviously reduces the load on the battery a bit too.

Not that I've had any issues with the fridge in the hot car but every bit helps.

Getting back in the vehicle after sitting in the sun is also less offensive and running the air con for a minute or so brings it down to temp much quicker.

Whilst I have the rear camera over the back, I'm not a fan of driving with these on as I can't see out the rear or the passenger rear to check for vehicles.

With that in mind the back row stays on permanent but the others come on and off as required.
I think I'm going to pick up the rest of the set for even better effect, but I don't know a price on those yet.

Quality wise these are excellent and the stitching and materials are top notch.

After working on the caravan where nothing is of a quality that should be expected, these are a nice change.

Of course supporting an Aussie retailer is nice too, albeit that I got mine second hand.

All up, I'm a big fan of these and if they got damaged or lost, I'd grab another set even at the 300 odd price.

No affiliation with solarscreen and have not dealt with them, so I can't advise on customer service or follow up.

As always the video review.

cheers Brett
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