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Old 29-06-20
Mundy55 Mundy55 is offline
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Default 20 Years of the monocoque Pajero

An interesting article in Unsealed 4x4 regarding 20 years of the revolutionary monocoque Pajero.

Nice to have someone praise it rather than denigrate its off road capabilities for a change.

Link is here:
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Old 29-06-20
Ian H Ian H is offline
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Yes, I just read that and was going to post it here too. The Paj is a warhorse and built tough and it's a lot less like a truck than my mate's Ranger. I'm not looking to sell it any time soon, it's too good.
2015 NX GLS, Factory alloy bar, Kings HD Springs & Koni Shocks with 50mm lift, MM Auto Mate, Paddle shift kit, dual batteries with Redarc DC/DC, LRA 58L tank, Safari snorkel, Boo's bash plates (full set), 17" steels with BFG KO2's, Drifta drawers with slide, TPMS, Uniden UH8080S, Alpine iLX-702D head unit. Goldstream caravan and a TVan Firetail.
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Old 29-06-20
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Pushbike Pushbike is offline
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A truly great pedigree.
A little clarification, probably stated elsewhere on this forum, but for the uninitiated.
The term monocoque is frequently misapplied to unibody cars. Commercial car bodies are almost never true monocoques but instead use the unibody system (also referred to as unitary construction, unitary body–chassis or body–frame integral construction),[14] which uses box sections, bulkheads and tubes to provide most of the strength of the vehicle, while the skin adds relatively little strength or stiffness.
For a detailed discussion:
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Old 29-06-20
Miner Miner is offline
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Lots of people all who donít know any better also assume that because it doesnít have a ladder chassis and body itís no use off-road... not knowing that as well as having the unibody framing, itís also got effectively an integrated ladder chassis of external reinforcement. A design which morning doubt has been copied umpteen times since.
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Old 29-06-20
craka craka is offline
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Originally Posted by Miner View Post
Lots of people all who donít know any better also assume that because it doesnít have a ladder chassis and body itís no use off-road... not knowing that as well as having the unibody framing, itís also got effectively an integrated ladder chassis of external reinforcement. A design which morning doubt has been copied umpteen times since.
And no doubt stronger to a comparative ladder only chassis.
NS SWB X 3.2DiD - Factory locker, Hella spotties, GME UHF, roof racks otherwise stock as a rock.

Retired: 1991 NH SWB 3.0L V6 5sp Manual, Mickey Thompson ATZs, GME UHF TX3200.
Wanting: Rocksliders, 2" lift, snorkel or perhaps I should wait and purchase a NS swb in 12months time.
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Old 29-06-20
BruceandBobbi BruceandBobbi is offline
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Old 30-06-20
Old Paj Old Paj is offline
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Default 20 Years On

It is more than 20 years for the Paj though!
The first Paj was released about 1984 in Aus.
In Jan 1985 we bought our first Paj (hence Old Paj on the forum, because it was when the forum first started) 2.6lt of petrol power at 49.9c/lt (ACT).
On 19 August 2005 we then bought an NP, 18 months after I retired from the Army. 380K Kms on it is still going strong, but with a new owner who I do actually see regularly and he tells me it is up to 417K.
As an interlude, at the end of May 09, we bought an Jan 06, NS with 55K on it and moved it on to the BIL in Mar 17 with 322K on it, who bought it for towing his work/business trailer (Awkward Rural Fencing). This was SWMBO car, so we were running 2 Pajeros.
In Jan 17, we bought an NX.
SWMBO now sadly drives a Holden Captiva because "the seats" suit her better than the equivalent Mitsubishi product.

Do we like Pajeros?
I suppose I would have to say yes!
NX Pajero, Duel Batteries (under bonnet), Factory Nudge Bar, Kings Springs, Bilstein Shocks, TowPro Elite, Icom IC-450, Cooper ST-Maxx Tyres (off road), AutoMate, towing 2015 Vista Crossover XL.

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Old 30-06-20
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Seven years on I've "retired" my NW Pajero, no I didn't sell it, I put in the garage. Why, because its such a good tow vehicle, and so good off road, and I have put so much effort into making it a truly great touring car that I cant justify using it as my run around car any longer.
I love the 4X4 system, being able to simply shift into 4H on the fly while towing gives confidence in slippery conditions, a few mods and its equally capable as any other "true" 4x4 we have travelled with. And, the only reliability issues I have had have been of my own making.
To replace it with something else would be a lot of work to recreate what I already have.
I now have a 2009 ford Ranger for around town, its useful, but really shows itself to be no where as nice or refined as the Pajero.
So, now the Pajero is reserved for trips away, I guess it gets to do all the fun stuff as a reward.
2013 NW GLX-R Factory Locker, TC mod,Dual Battery, 240V inverter, Anderson Plug, Fire Extinguisher. GME TX3500 UHF Radio, MM Alloy Bar, ORU 12000lb Winch,EGR mod, Fancy wheels, 33" Pirelli ATR Tyres, LRA Aux tank, Custom bash plates & Rock sliders, Ultra Gauge, ARB Compressor, LED Light bar, little mods around the cabin. Kings Std Ratecoils & Ultimate Shocks, Firestone HP airbags, Airteck Snorkel, Hema 6. Towing: Starcraft outback
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Old 3 Weeks Ago
Peterng Peterng is offline
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The Pajero is just a bloody good all round medium sized 4wd wagon with real off road cred which has endured over 20 years.
Auto journalist in some cases want to put the Pajero out to pasture for it uses engine and drivetrain technology which has been superseded and constantly updated...
But has it...
There is still questions about the Ford Rangers' auto overheating and throwing tantrums..
Amaroks' v6 diesel drinking oil that would make the Colorado seem like a "tea totterer".
Then there is the auto in Amarok which has been know to throw a "hissy fit"...not forgetting its "electrics" which have been known to just "give up the ghost"..and thus Limp Mode comes into effect on the freeway whilst doing 100kph..or the electric "park break" that will lock and will not release..
Jeep..well, we will not go could write a book as thick as "War & Peace" about the issues of the Jeep...then there is the "after sales service"..which Jeep have been known for...
Toyota's...several 4wd models are having issues with their DPF's...not forgetting sucking in dust around the sides of the plastic airbox...that means you..Landcruiser...and the classic D4D rattle as injector meets piston..
Oh..I almost forgot..Pajero doesn't need to pretend it's tough and ruggered...Pajero won Dakar..not once..but 12 times..a record that no other manufacturer has come close too..and it won with its' monocoque chassis.
Yep...20 years of may not be flashy..but with a tried, trusted and tested 3.2ltr diesel with a near bullet proof drivetrain...against some of its opposition...Pajero is a bargain!

Last edited by Peterng; 3 Weeks Ago at 10:15 PM.
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Old 3 Weeks Ago
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old Jack old Jack is online now
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Well said!

Basic and Boring is normally the most reliable, that is why I have a Povo Pack Challenger!

Value for money, reliability, capability and longevity it is hard to go past a Mitsubishi 4wd.
Isuzu used to be the same but lost their way about 10 years ago.

2011 PB Base White Auto, Smartbar, Cooper STMaxx LT235/85R-16,TPMS, HR TB, 3 x Bushskinz, front +40mm Dobinson , rear +50mm EHDVR Lovells, Dobinson MT struts and shockers, Peddars 5899 cone springs, Windcheater rack, GME UHF, Custom alloy drawer system inc. 30lt Engel & 2 x 30 AH LiFePo batteries + elec controls, Tailgate hi-lift/long struts, Phillips +100 LB & HB, Lightforce 20" single row driving beam LED lightbar, Scanguage II.
MM4x4 Auto Mate, Serial No 1 .
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