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Old 07-11-14
Craig Williams Craig Williams is offline
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Default IMPORT 1988 Pajero 2.5TD Correct Rear Brakes

If you own an IMPORT 1988 Pajero 2.5TD 11/88 NF, like mine getting the correct Rear Brake Rotor and Pads can be a real learning curve. This article should take some of the hassle out for you.
First, any IMPORT is NOT standard Year Model parts. as I found out! Mitsubishi selected different components for the brakes! A 1988 is an NE/NF but be cautious as between 9/1988 and 8/1991 Imports have very different brake components to the standard vehicle for your Country, in my case Australia. My Import has disc rear end which is not even mentioned in Haynes Manuals! And the pads are not DBA1238, which is what you will be quoted. The closest is DB1231, even they are not an exact match. They look like
but the ones I naively purchased liked like this
The correct pads came in this box RDX2058SM made by RDA, and cost me $73 AUD from Proservauto in Western Australia. Another good store is Milners in the UK, but whilst the pads are cheaper to buy the postage would make them over $100AUD. delivered to Australia. Below is a picture on the box the new pads came in.
Here is a photo of the old pads in place
Here is the bottom line. The IMPORT has a disc rotor diameter of 322mm the overall height is 76mm the hub diameter is 93.5, (not 108mm, which is the size most stores will quote you) and the original thickness is 10mm and minimal allowed machined thickness is 8mm. Also the rear disc has the hand brake cable attached to the back of it so to retract the piston for new pads, the piston has to be "wound" back in clockwise with a "wind back" tool (refer to Part 2). Do not compress it with a G Clamp like you can do to the Front piston, to replace its pads. The front disc obviously has no hand brake cable attached so the conventional method will work, but not on the rears! My local Mitsubishi Dealership on the Gold Coast said the disc rotors are discontinued and would have cost $276, he suggested calling DBA. DBA 238 is the code for the rear disc rotors in Australia and there are 4 left in the Country according to Gary who works there. 2 in Melbourne and 2 in Perth, once they are gone they will not be replaced, you will have to try the UK Shogun or USA Montero.

To be continued over the next few days, in Part 2 (as I get the new pads fitted and the rear disc rotor machined at my local mechanics, for $66AUD for the pair, as I do not have the machine to do them myself.

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Old 08-11-14
Craig Williams Craig Williams is offline
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Default IMPORT 1988 Pajero 2.5TD Correct Rear Brakes Part 2

IMPORT Pajero 2.5TD Correct Rear Brakes Part 2
Remove the wheel, 6 bolts M21s.
Remove the Brake Caliper two 17mm bolts
Remove the single M12 bolt which holds the brake cable to the lower frame of the vehicle near the rear wheel (as it restricts the removal of the caliper somewhat).
Carefully lift the brake caliper off and prop it up using wire if necessary to "carry the weight" of the caliper, do not let it "hang" off the hydraulic brake hose.
Remove the disc rotor use two M8 bolts threaded into the two holes to "pop" the disc rotor off
Remove both pads. Now screw the caliper back on (even though you just took it off, trust me)!
Then, using a G clamp as in the picture below, clamp the caliper so it will not slide back as you use the "wind back tool" which costs $16.50 from Supercheap Auto. It is pictured in the photo below at the bottom of the picture, just below the backing plate.
Now place the wind back tool into the two slots in the caliper piston and wind it clockwise. Both sides of the vehicle wind back in, in a clockwise direction on your IMPORT Pajero (some vehicles may require you to wind clockwise on the drivers side and anti-clockwise on the LHS passenger side).
Once the piston will not wind back in any further, it has seated in its original position, MAKE SURE THE "NOTCH" IS AT THE TOP DEAD CENTRE, so the protrusion on the pad's back will align into it, and it is now time to insert your two new pads (with the protrusion sitting in the notch).
Now put it all back together.
In Part 3, I have included some other useful information for the novice. It is like an Appendix.

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Old 08-11-14
Craig Williams Craig Williams is offline
Join Date: Aug 2014
Location: Gold Coast
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Default IMPORT 1988 Pajero 2.5TD Correct Rear Brakes Part 3

RIMPORT 1988 Pajero 2.5TD Correct Rear Brakes Part 3
In this part I have include some details about the process which a novice may find useful.
To remove the caliber there is one M17 bolts at the top
and one M17 on the bottom of the caliber
Here is a close up of the outside of the new pad. The pads have to be inserted into their spring clips which are designed to hold them in place and stop rattling. They are a little fiddly to fit, just take your time and make sure you seat them in exactly the same way as the old ones were! The pads cost me $73 AUD from Proservauto in Western Australia. Milners in the UK also had them. Both of these companies also sell the disc rotors if yours have been machined below 8mm. They are not listed in Bendix Catalogue, the closest is DB 1231, but they are not an exact match!
and the working part, its inside
and finally here are all the tools I used for the job
This is intended as an Appendix to Part 1 and Part 2 and gives some extra details for those who have never attempted brake pads before.

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Old 26-04-15
Craig Williams Craig Williams is offline
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Markanya - Hey Craig, I saw you message on the Pajero 4WD Club of Victoria forum. My Pajero also has rear disc brakes. I have put a kits through the calipers which had to be ordered from the UK! Anyway I have them back on the car now. Is your handbrake assembly also integrated into the rear caliper? YES
do you know if there is a way to adjust them the handbrake mechanism? SEE HAYNES MANUAL PHOTOS BELOW
For example, I noticed the handbrake lever on the caliper no longer returns all the way back. Not sure about this but something is out of adjustment
I saw some cars with with similar systems have an adjusting screw for the handbrake/caliper piston connection (if that makes sense). Do you know anything about this? I have not had to adjust my hand brake cable so I have photoed from the Haynes Manual the relevant sections for you. Print them off and I hope they help.
My handbrake is working fine (6 clicks). My Pajero is five clicks
I'm just fishing for info to see if I have missed anything. Regards and thanks again for your post! Mark (Brisbane). Let me know how you go, Craig

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Old 28-04-15
Jeffrey Jeffrey is offline
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Default NG Pajero

Hi I had trouble getting pads, I got the front ones re-bonded in Melbourne, and got the calliper kits on eBay from America as the closest I could get here was a kit from Mazda but it did not have the dust boot in it.
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Old 29-04-15
old dave old dave is offline
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Default Rear Pads

Outbound auto parts, Brighton Road, Adelaide, had rear pads for the 1988 Import SWB ...

They had a good reputation for holding a large range of spares and I went there first and they had them.... I think they were $36... now they are a Repco franchise and things may be a lot different..

I generally just buy parts from Amayama Trading Co on line...most items are expensive but at least they have them...

My 1989 import LWB has drums at the rear, so Pajero rear brakes of the era are hard to fathom... it has a lot better handbrake action than the rear disc caliper handbrake on the SWB...

Incidently SWB Pajero owners should take advantage of all the twin calliper front brakes going to the crusher on series 2 wrecks, grab a set for $80 and replace the single piston standard set up...particularly if you tow,
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Old 22-02-16
tuffpajNT tuffpajNT is offline
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would the pads work from Bendix (DB1238)?
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Old 22-03-16
Bernoulli Bernoulli is offline
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When I was in Australia, I bought a MMC set for my '88 import. My memory is that they exceeded $100. I never used them. I'll check on postage from the U.S. Perhaps they can return home.
89 3.0L 5Spd SWB Raider in NW USA
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Old 29-03-16
Davey89SWBGen1 Davey89SWBGen1 is offline
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Default Brake Information

This was very helpful for me and also nice to know that I am not the only one having trouble finding parts. I currently have a 1989 SWB with the rear disc brakes but my trouble is much greater. It seems that the rear pad came loose at one point and the piston was touching the rotor for a while. Due to this I need to either find a whole new caliper...or find a proper rebuild kit that also has the piston. Can anyone help with the part number or place to purchase.
(Lastly, I live in Ontario Canada and every time I ask about shipping, no body wants to get back to me.)
Any information will help.
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Old 13-04-17
Craig Williams Craig Williams is offline
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TuffpajNT - Bendix DB 1238 will not fit an Import
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