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Default Rav 4 2nd gen help

Apologies for the T brand mention 😂 my youngest daughter bought her first car - a nice mica blue 2 door 2005 rav 4 cruiser AWD with only 160k kms on the clock - she likes to go camping but wonít be doing anything too serious off-road (obviously) but may do some beach and dirt roads etc - loves to swag it and will be doing archeology at uni next year so guess some field trips in her future as well - might loom at some basic mods for her like a nudge bar roof rack CB and maybe some lights and some AT tyres - Not all at once - having had great advice and guidance on this forum for my SWB Pajero Iíd like to help her out by getting up to speed on the little rav 4 and any of itís idiosyncrasies - can anyone recommend a forum that is of the high Pajero standard - Iím
Presuming things like lifts and underbody protection wonít be required if she keeps to relatively easy roads commensurate with the rav 4s abilities - no diff lock on this one but I understand their 2nd gen AWD system was reasonably capable particularly with the SWB and its bantam weight - any suggestions or guidance welcomed - will have to replace shocks at the rear at least as there is a rattle over bumps etc
SWB Pajero NT X diesel auto
2 inch lift
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Bushskinz bashplates and sliders
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