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Generation 3 Pajero NM - NP Models 2000 - 2006

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Old 02-06-19
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Only the early NM's had a problem with jumping out of first gear. My parents example was one of them. The trans is otherwise tough as nails. Was also used in small Canter trucks. Some comments from my history with an NM3.5 manual and then an NP 3.2 Manual;
  • Some example had issues with wearing the splines off the trans output shaft into the transfer case, not helped by the AC condensate tube dumping on top of the trans.
  • DMF behind the diesel will fail - not a matter of if but when. When it goes you can still drive it but it will be all rattly and shuddery. You can replace with an SMF kit. Not as smooth as the factory DMF but cheaper and will never fail again. Been there done that.
  • Torque of the diesel is enough to overcome the factory spec clutch when bogged in sand. Uprated clutches are good but might shudder a bit and be heavier on the pedal
  • Castrol VMX-M is the right oil to use in the trans and transfer. Note the "-M" stands for Mitsubishi. Has some additives over the normal VMX that seem to help syncro feel. 80 series owners also like this oil.
  • It will kill an injector pump some day, and they are a) becoming hard to source and b) dear as poison. It's a Bosch / Zexel VRZ and only used on a handful of vehicles. It's a variant of the more common VP35 but not interchangeable. I believe you can do a preventative rebuild on them, replacing the main bearing that wears through the coating and fails at much less cost than when one lets go of it's own volition. Only a couple of companies are tooled up to do the VRZ.
  • They are otherwise a solid and surprisingly capable bus. In some ways I wish I still had the NP over our auto NX. Ours did 280,000km before the next owner took it on many more adventures.

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Old 26-06-19
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Thanks for all the advice. One at work fell through but picked up another one. glx manual 3.2 for well under my 10 k so pretty happy.
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Old 12-07-19
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I have a 12/06 NS MT 3.2 diesel (the first of the NS) with around 345,000 and it jumps out of first if I am not holding the gear shifter. If it is in 4WD it doesn't do it (yet).

Cheers Iain
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