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Old 07-05-19
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Originally Posted by gemster View Post
4WD Action Mag did it in a $1000 Pajero...


Yep...The main road is just a dirt road with corrugations in it at different times. People have this idea that they will be tackling untamed off road tracks that require huge amounts of money invested into a rugged 4wd..Wrong. Take it easy and if you have common sense, a trip to the top and back is relatively easy. Before any trip I ensure the vehicle is roadworthy and serviced. Good tyres, snorkel, suspension and a bullbar can assist as well. Radio is handy (along with a GOOD quality antenna). Drive sensibly to conditions and look out for the Southern morons treating the road as a racetrack. Enjoy the trip.
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Old 30-06-19
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Aye mate. We just took our Nw Pajero through the south and north telegraph track.

We have a Tjm bull bar and winch on the front, snorkel, 2in lift, some slightly sad maxis bravo at980 tyres and the factory rear diff lock.

We were fairly clueless as to what we were getting ourselves into. It was quite the eye opener! We set off solo and immediately has to winch up the most right hand line on palm Creek. Gunshot was actually fine, I think some guys had done a lot of digging before we got there. Had to winch up the last little bit of the gunshot exit. Immediately after that we got bogged in a nasty hole and had to winch out only to see 6 cars drive past on a chicken track that I didnít see

That night we camped at Sam creek on the northern leg and met up with some other guys in a souped up land cruiser and hilux. Thank god we did.

Next day the worst obstacles were mistake creek, Loganís creek and Nolanís brook.

Mistake creek was a nasty chute which also marked the point of no return for the northern leg. There was no way weíre going to be able winch back up. We took a bit of a slide at the bottom of this one and slightly bent the front bull bar. We also bent the factory rear bumper however we knew this was going to happen and I wanted to build a new rear. Bar anyways. Trailer plug was a write off.

We just made it through Loganís creek by hugging the left hand side

Nolanís brook was crazy deep. Thankfully our friends went first. They had to winch though. They then proceeded to pull everyone else through it. We tapped the front . We were the first car to be pulled through and perhaps the towing car was a bit heavy on the accelerator. Water literally went over the roof, just shy of the intake for the snorkel.... water poured in through heater air intake and filled the glove box and passenger footwell. This probably could have been avoided by chucking a tarp on the intake and setting the air con to Recirc. This was the last obstacle and it was pretty straightforward to the finish.

My top tips

Seal up all your snorkel fittings before you go. The amount of people who still filled up their air air box with water despite having a snorkel was astounding. Take a spare air filter or 2...

Walk the crossings. There will most likely be people on the other side. Ask them to be ready to snatch you out if it all goes pear shaped. Have your rescue plan 100% sorted before you have a crack. Most people will help you out but those same people will relish in you drowning your car if you donít talk to them and make a plan first!

I hope I havenít put you off. It felt like an amazing achievement to get to the top this way! The level of camaraderie between everyone on the track was amazing to see

Good luck!
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Old 30-06-19
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and never assume the obvious crossing is the only crossing available. Check all exits and entries and many crossings have harder and easier options (at least in 2012 they did)
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