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Bolted on bits, factory and aftermarket accessories Discussion of after-market extras: winches, bull bars, tow bars (and Towing), roof racks, snorkels, and other cool stuff

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Old 18-08-09
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Default Aux fuel+water tanks

I have some decisions to make re fuel and water for an upcoming trip, was just curious if anyone has any experience on these?

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Old 18-08-09
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Hi Shane,

I've not seen those paticular ones, but if it fits then i'd say it's certainly practical.
I use a similar tank from Dynaplas myself, set up in the rear foot well where the seats would normally go. The 40lt tank fits pretty snug but leaves enough room for a pump and a few tools etc - I've also queezed in a 5lt 12v Hot water tank.


The setup can be made temporary with a quick connect next to the tank itself, mine is semi permanent with straps and hose clamp but still only takes a few minutes to remove if needed (as it is at the moment)

They're not cheap and like most plastics do initially give a plastic taste when used, but that fades quickly with age. Mine's about 4 months old and has been used quite a lot - I can only taste plastic now if the water is left standing for good few days or weeks.
The plastic taste is easy to remove anyway by fitting a carbon filter inline. I use decent tap water or filter anything going into the tank so I know it's always clean. I just use one of those small 'Brita' type tap filters on the outlet for drinking and cooking as it removes anything that might be in there and any taste - works well and gives you a tap as well:
The 3 way valve is normally spray, full and filter. Slight modification with some plastic weld glue and it then becomes spray, stop and filter.

My system is set up to allow fill from a tap back from the same hose as used for outlet with a solenoid valve, and has a seperate inlet to pull from a river etc with filter, or pass thru so fill a container or mates tank. All pretty easy with a normal self priming pump and quick connects.

If you use a hose make sure you use a small diameter one with self sealing connectors to prevent water loss on disconnect -
* Small diameter as (for example) a normal garden hose will contain about 2lt of water over 5m of pipe. It also lowers your pressure so your pump can pump more water quicker. Reducing the size limits flow and water held in the pipe.
* Self sealing connectors so you don't loose any water when you connect/disconnect - just plug one end into the other and jeep the water in the pipe.

I use 8mm pipe (actually a standard ARB air line hose as it's the right colour and material - Orange so doesn't get hot in the sun, re-enforced and doesn't leave a taste in the water).

Also doubles up as a great hose for washing down the Kayak/car/kids etc at the beach as well as normal shower etc with the addition of the hot tank and thermostatic valve


[Edit] I didn't mention use as fuel tank as I have a LRA tank fitted so have no experiance. If permanent and piped in though I suspect there are certain legal requirements for baffles, release and drain though.

2004 NP. TJM bar, Premier winch, OME 2" lift, Snorkel, BFG A/T, TJM DBS (custom meters), Davis Brown uderbody, GME TX3440, 40lt H20 with 5lt 12v hot water, metered and pumped via quick connect on tow bar (so hot/cold, shower, carbon filtered drinking/cooking), LRA 81lt fuel, VMS Topo 2din Sat Nav, on-board ARB air with take off in bull bar (programable pressure switch controlled), 12v bull bar connector for solar. Kimberly MyCube root top + Star awning, usual Engel etc.

I need more gadgets...
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