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Old 19-05-17
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Originally Posted by sharkcaver View Post
You would be better off with a 40 Amper DC/DC for 2 batteries. However, with 4 batteries on the go, you wouldn't get away with 2 x 40 ampers I would think. I have the idc25 supplying a single battery in the tub and a BCDC40 in the camper feeding 2 batteries. There is nearly 90A consumed (at full load) from a 130A peak alternator. Somehow I reckon I will never get full current output on both the DCDC chargers as the alternator wont supply their needs. Voltage will be fine, but amperage wont.

Happy with 20 amp going to the aux batteries in tub as they are also fed by a constant source of solar (5 amps). They only runa 45 litre engel when camping and do it easily. The 25 amp dcdc in camper feed a 47 litre evakool and also camp leds, laptop and fan. These also have solar on when camping (160 watts..10 amps roughly). As you said I wouldnt get any benefit from a 40 amp set up for both sets. You cant get 25 litres into a 20 litre bucket. The solar panels are a huge bonus when camping and if all else fails...crank up the 2 kva honda!!!..

Modified 2014 NW owner. All the usual fruit.
I hope this report helps you save a few bucks on diesel henceforth by understanding that the main ingredient, by volume, in premium diesel is in fact marketing bullshit.
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Old 05-11-17
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have had a projector dcdc in a previous vehicle with a 120w solar panel on top for about a year.
It's now coming over the the paj when time permits.
It has worked faultlessly and I have had a 45l fridge running 24/7 for that year.
Even when the car has not been run for 3 days it is still topped up and I have no worries in that area.
So if you're camping long term a dcdc charger with solar input is very handy, so you don't have to run the car to top it up.

As said the charger has to be mounter as close to the Aux battery as possible otherwise you're defeating the purpose of having it there with voltage drop between them.
After all this is why you fit it in the first place.
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Old 10-11-17
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I run a Redarc Bcdc1225 mounted in front of the radiator, with 120w Project Panel mounted to roof rack connected to the BCDC. Running a 65l Waeco CFX, camp lights and used for charging all your peripherals such as phones, torches etc... Rarely under 100% charge during daytime hours, even on overcast and days of rain.

The Battery can also make a significant difference. I installed my deep cycle in the Aux tray. Went with the Optima Yellow Top (75AH). I have been away for multiple weeks at a time and have never been concerned about running out of power. Been away with with friends using 100AH+ eBay specials who run a similar setup and seem to run their batteries down long before I do.
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