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Old 01-10-13
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Just finished traveling 1000+ kms up the east coast..... Fuel consumption was 5's. But maintained straight 6.0l per 100

That's not bad ..with four adults...and loaded to the max with 4 large suitcases...and a strong headwind today....yet what was impressive about the journey to me ..was the feeling of performance the diesel outlander s is mated so well to this is effortless up long hills...where some of the petrol counterparts struggled to keep up with me....setting it on cruise it never fails to deliver maintaining speed no matter the control of speed is a breeze with the on steering cruise +\- control.... I find myself controlling speed more and more this way as it is so easy and less fatiguing on long trips.
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Old 10-01-14
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Pity the PHEV isn't Diesel+Electric instead of Petrol+Electric. That the combination of the instant torque and power delivery of Electric combined with the torque of the Diesel would be pretty cool I think.

I dunno about CVT's though... I know all the benefits. We just bought a Manual Lancer over the CVT.


Nice cars, although visually I greatly prefer the previous shape Outlander, each to their own I guess.
2004 NP Exceed 3.8 V6, SVI LPG, Factory alloy bar and sunroof, 55w HID converted IPF spots, Safari Snorkel, custom rear storage/fold out sleeping platform, Alpine iLX-007E Apple CarPlay head unit & reverse cam
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Old 05-02-14
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Currently driving one of these (but 2WD Petrol CVT) for a few days whilst our shorty is getting the rear bumper repaired after someone backed into it when parked..

I am getting around 8.5l/100 from it around town. (air con on all the time)
Wife just took it for a run down to wollongong and back and returned 7.1 (6.4 on the way down but Mt Ousley killed that on the way home)
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Old 07-02-14
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OK, tried a decent economy run this afternoon - this is the readout from back in my driveway after a 149km round trip from the Northern Beaches to Penrith and back again - it was showing as low as 5.7l/100km but got a bit more traffic on the way home once I got to Ryde

I reckon I could get used to this sort of economy !!
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Old 10-02-14
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OK, had this thing for just over a week and about 1800km so far..
it's an August 2013 FWD 2.0L ES (ie, entry level poverty pack) with about 10,000km on it when it was handed to me.

Whilst It's the entry level, it certainly has LOTS of standard features to make it a comfortable little bus to drive...

Scroll below to the summary if you CBF reading it all...

Besides all the regular safety gear like 11ty airbags and ABS/Traction control etc to give it a 5 Star ANCAP rating - there are heaps of extra bits to make it a comfortable place to be...

Stuff like Cruise control, Climate control Air Con, Good sound system with FULL Bluetooth integration and hands free phone control, Rear parking sensors and auto up for the power windows are all a nice touch.. The bluetooth is very good and has a fantastic user interface - I didn't have an owners manual but within about 45 sec I had worked out how to pair my phone and work the controls - great voice guided instructions built in.

It's very easy to drive, and despite my dislike for CVT gearboxes, I have grown to accept this one that works very well with the 110kw 2.0L - (110kW @ 6,600rpm and 190Nm @ 4,200rpm) Sure, some times it feels like it is struggling when we had 4 people in it - but overall it's a great city car and was fine on the couple of longer (300km) trips I have done.

Economy is FANTASTIC - 6L/100km is easily achievable with little effort, but even when shuffling around the city in peak hour this climbed to 'only' 9.2 after 4 hours and 44km running errands in lots of stop start Sydney traffic.. The official figures for this model are 6.6L/100km (Combined) and it's certainly achievable.

A few shorter runs using mostly freeways and 80km/h major arterial roads saw figures in the 5's. Being a CVT, it's much harder to use the gears to improve the economy, so I reckon if I had a manual (or a normal auto transmission) I would easily get it into the 5's (I love a challenge.....)

There are a few things I didn't like, and for some these will be very minor, but they annoyed me....
The reverse sensors are very quiet. I am not sure if they can be turned up (I didn't get an owners manual with the one I have) - but it required the stereo to be turned almost off to be heard.
The front cup holders are useless with 600ml bottles and regular cans, they are too large in the base so the bottle/can always slides or leans over when cornering ( even at low speeds) - Sure, the larger coffee cups and mcDonalds cups fit great..
The suspension is quite firm over speed bumps, not to the point of being uncomfortable, but it did feel a tad harsh at times. (this is coming from someone like me that has very firm suspension in the Shorty.
The seats.. They look great but offer bugger all lateral support. At first I thought it was me as I am a bigger bloke, but even a friend who is tiny commented that she was sliding in the passenger seat around corners. I am not sure if the support in the higher spec models is better, but if you are a bigger person, then you really need to hold on tight around corners to stop your upper body from sliding around..

Easy to drive, fantastic entry and exit with wide opening doors
Lots of storage spaces hidden away
Height/tilt/reach adjustable steering and height adjustable drivers seat
Fuel Economy
Good driving position (with seat raised)
Rear seat legroom and fold flat floor right to the front seat backs
Power window auto "up"
Great Bluetooth / stereo / phone connectivity and user interface.
Great (and very accurate) cruise control, good steering wheel controls
Adjustable headlights - great for when the back sits lower - no dazzling oncoming drivers
ohh, did I mention Very economical
Great windscreen wiper sweep - covers a huge amount of the screen on the drivers side
Side mirrors offer great vision rearwards and cover a fair bit of the blind spot

*Cup holders - next to useless for "normal' cans / bottles
*Seat lateral support
*High beam reach (maybe I am spoilt with the LED's on the Shorty and these are adequate ?)
*Rear Parking sensors too quiet
*Door notches - very firm (ie, the indents in the door latch to hold it at certain openings - very easy for a child to open the door and have it fling into a parked vehicle or post beside
*Black surround on the dashboard (like a piano finish) - too easily attracts dust
*Instrument cluster very hard to read in bright / overhead sun, cover needs to be a little longer to help shade it more.
Front overhang would take some time to get used to - especially if you wanted to take the 4WD version off road..

This vehicle was supplied to me free of charge by my smash repairer who is repairing my Pajero. It is a regular hire car with about 10,000km travelled. There are no signs of abnormal wear and tear or evidence it has been modified or changed.
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Old 10-02-14
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Thanks for the report, just a pity it wasn't the diesel version as that is pretty impressive as well.
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Old 10-02-14
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Yep, I'd love to get my hands on a Diesel. I have been speaking to a couple of people that have them and getting mixed opinions....

I used to do this sort of thing for a living - Well not the full on general consumer write up, but for about 12 years I used to evaluate new release vehicles for an insurance company as part of their rating classification.
I used to generally get the vehicles from 3 days to a couple of weeks and take them to our assessors and work out approximate repair costs with them. Then, based on the manufacturers parts prices and what type of damage would occur in average type accidents - I could work out the risk of the vehicle compared to previous models or models from manufacturers in the same class.

I would also look at and try and determine the theft risk too... eg vehicles with Factory Recaro seats - (ie, Honda Integra Tyre R) or vehicles that were pretty quick, yet very Very affordable (early model Swift GTi, Golf GTi, Polo GTi, Early model Twin Cam Corolla, etc) that were super attractive to young drivers or thieves were categorised accordingly...

I miss that job......
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