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Old 08-12-18
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Default Missing hose on charcoal cannister

Just doing some work on my 2005 V6 3.0 PA challenger this morning.
Fitted the cabin filter....WTF? This model has the marking for the cabin filter....but it was NEVER have too cut away the air-con housing to fit it - but all the mount points are there.
So the air con condenser is filled with crap. Doh.
Anyway - fitted that filter and started looking around the engine bay for other air-con related stuff and noticed that:
- there are three rubber hoses fitted to the charcoal canister
- they are marked AIR, TANK, PURGE
- 10cm down the AIR hose there is a barbed take-off for another smaller hose....?
- there is NOTHING connected the barb is open to the outside world (pictures attached)

IMG_1326 (1).jpg


I have search all over the engine bay and cant find any missing hose that has dropped down. Maybe it was never connected (like the factory non-fitted cabin filter) but its pretty weird?

Can someone with the same vintage challenger take a look at their charcoal canister and tell me what the small barb down the AIR hose is connected to?
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