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Old 20-03-14
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Rattle locations can be difficult to pick whilst driving and sometimes it's nothing. Firstly - Double check that there is not something loose in your glovebox, sunnies in a roof mounted sunglasses holder (if yours has one) or even something loose rattling in the main centre console bin or it's smaller lid compartment.
Mine had a rattle caused by a wire from my brake controller. One section of wiring was loose enough to cause a rattle. Took a couple of minutes and a wire tie to fix.
I also had the front passenger seatbelt latch replaced under warranty because the spring inside it was rattling.
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Old 13-09-15
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Hi Marquis
In your post #9 the pdf attachments look very sharp. I have just bought a CD from eBay with similar info, but it is not sharp. I have not installed it - just using the IE viewer. Even printing it does not give a sharp image.
Are your pdfs from some original MM type manual or did you install the manual off a CD (if an el-cheapo from eBay like mine)?

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Old 13-09-15
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My Glovebox lid sometimes rattles offroad. A small piece of soft material folded to the right width works fine.
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Old 13-09-15
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Default Drivers side sun visor

I have a noise every now and then and tracked it down to the drivers side visor. I was sure it was in the dash but it turns out it's the visor. On very rough tracks there is still a thumping type noise up under the dash near the windscreen area near the centre of the dash.

The small plastic slider visor extensor in the visor seems to come out a little and when I push this back in a bit and move the visor up and down a bit it seems to fix it for quite a while.
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Old 13-09-15
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There is quite a long thread with some solutions to the dash shakes in here.

This goes a long way to keeping the dash stable, the brackets can be difficult to install, but worthwhile along with the cable ties to pull the front of the dash down slightly. Tighten every nut and bolt you can find as you reassemble the dash.
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Old 09-11-17
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Sounds like the exact same problem.

My rattle sounds like a marble moving around sometimes. I've even been tempted to strip the doors down, but it looks from the book that there is very little access anyway. The noise only happens when the weight goes one side or other (just as if there is a marble rolling in a confined space).

funnily enough, my grandson did loose some marbles under the seat floor of my last car. That was easy as I followed the marbles with a good squirt of glue and then went for a drive. Marbles hit the glue and no more movement.

With my 2010 NT. I've had the centre console out and it's all tight and solid, nothing loose under there. The glove box gave some access to the rear of the dash and there is something that swings free to the right of the dashboard, I've 'foamed it' stuck it and jammed it But it isn't that. My son thought it might be a referred noise from underneath and he hung out the door, and even lay by the side of the road while I drove past. But all to no avail to finding the source. I had the dealership look when they did the airbag recall, thinking it might be something back there that had snapped off. They couldn't find the cause either. I can't stop the hinges on the centre console 'storage compartments' making a little noise, but that isn't the real noise I'm chasing. The latest is reseating the wires and sensors on the firewall, but there wasn't anything very loose. I did tape the lid of the fuse box down as that made a 'click' when moved.

Any further ideas of where to look are most welcome. If I find it - you will be the first to know!
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Old 12-12-17
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Smile Jackal

G'day Alister, I had the (same) sort of rattles in my 2009 NT early on in its life, and I too thought the rattles were coming from the dash, in fact I was sure it was the dash. Put in rubber strips in and around glovebox, may sure glove was empty and still rattles.

Took it back to the dealer, picked it up later in the day and rattle had gone. Turned out it was the gear lever (auto), apparently they need a coat of grease as this is missed during assembly.

I'd get someone to look at this--before you go ripping out the dash because being plastic, once you disturb the plastics you will hear rattles as you have never heard them before!

My NT has now done over 132,000 clicks and there are absolutely no "dash" rattles. The greasing of the gear lever fixed it.

Hope this helps.
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Old 12-12-17
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I recently had bad rattle and a bit of a thump over speed bumps. Thought it was from the back seat door. Turned out to be the bolt at the end of the dash, under the plastic end plate. Passenger side was fully loose, drivers side was finger tight. Tightened up and the car is transformed.
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Old 20-12-17
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Good spot Gary. I checked mine and both bolts fell out! That's one less rattle to worry about...
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Old 21-12-17
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Not sure if i posted it before but i found another item that rattles quite a lot and is hard to find.
It sounds like its from the cabbyhole but it is infact the airbag box,and this specific box it seems is only found in the 2010 models and up.
If you remove the cabbyhole and look straight up into the dash you will see a cigarette box size black plastic box with a harness that goes into it
you will hear if you tab on the box how it rattles.Its not actually the box thats rattling but the harness going into the box.All i do is wrap insulation tape around the harness where it goes in and around the black box.
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