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I reckon my turbo (2016 NX) whistles a bit. I wouldn't call it loud but its there. Its mostly when accelerating as described.

The turbo in my Navara (D22 03) whistles as well.
2016 NX GLS Factory alloy bar, Provent catch can, Boos bash plates, Stedi light bar, 40 litre Waeco, fridge slide, kings springs, Dunlop ATG3s, more to come...
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Originally Posted by redbruce View Post
My late 2014 NX had 160,000km when I bought it last October, with regular servicing and no issues. Servicing is the key. Other than than Km related wear will be the thing to watch (like suspension bushes, timing chain guide, etc).

1. Catch can (Provent recommended) is minimum although many also use EGR delete cord (albeit illegal to use).
2. Timing chains are a long lived item and shouldn't need replacing at that distance. You do need to keep an eye on the top timing chain guide as its a consumable.
3. My NX doesn't whistle.

Thanks redbruce, good to know your approach on those points. I gave the catch can link a read through, cheers!

Originally Posted by BruceandBobbi View Post
335,000 on our 2007 NS a month ago replaced water pump and front hubs. Water pump as it was leaking. Hubs as preventative maintenance.

Glow plugs replaced 3 years ago. Turbo replaced two months ago.

The NS has different turbo and glow plugs to yours.

The timing chain guide from the NS on is not a consumable item. It was on the NM NP. It is a revised guide.

We are keeping it for a while longer so are giving the old girl a rebirth.

It's been super reliable.
Thanks BruceandBobbi, good to know

Originally Posted by JRC19S View Post
i like your drawers
I'd try to get a flat water tank in the 90L space under the back best place for it youll need a 12V pump but a worthwhile accessory

Yes i got the ARB deluxe winch bar colour coded too, my kids think i should have got black because more menacing looking but hey im a nice guy! ARB is a good fitter relocated my stripo LED light bar as an included extra.
Water tank is a great idea, although I might just leave that to a simple setup and gravity. Luckily so many others have done this already so I have plenty of inspiration

Originally Posted by Two Emms View Post
I reckon my turbo (2016 NX) whistles a bit. I wouldn't call it loud but its there. Its mostly when accelerating as described.

The turbo in my Navara (D22 03) whistles as well.
Cheers Two Emms, that gives me some comfort. My inexperienced ears will have to get used to it, if it gets worse i'll know somethings up!
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