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DaveH DaveH is offline
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As has been said there are write off that cannot be repaired and repairable write offs.

My daughter bought an Astra that was listed as a repairable write off. When I examined the car I could not find any evidence of an accident. It turned out this car had suffered a catastrophic electrical failure. I found where the battery had exploded. I think virtually every electrical component went as well. The guy we bought it off was in the trade and replaced all the electronics and got it going again, registered and sold it. that was 3 years ago and the car is still OK.

What I am saying is try and find out why it was written off. Could be Ok or could be you should walk away.
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Scrambler Scrambler is offline
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The thread has caused me to recheck and it seems things changed in NSW in 2011. Qld (my home) still has the repairable/statutory distinction.

I still say that the LESS the damage the more you need to worry. If it was deemed uneconomical to repair a $10000 car then I want to see $8000 of damage. If there's $1000 of damage then I would wonder what I'd missed.

The NSW laws baffle me. The only way you can come into posession of a vehicle that has substantial damage is to inherit it. If you bought a car for $5000 and it got hit by a hailstorm 2 weeks later then its a writeoff, nothing can be done. But if its 5 weeks later then you could buy it off the insurer, panelbeat and paint and reregister. Eh?
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erad erad is offline
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A friend of ours had a Honda Civic. I didn't like it but must admit that it was a very nice car. A hailstorm in Sydney caused minor dents,but in almost every panel. She took it to the tin bashers, but the assessors wrote it off. It was only 3 years old and had 55000 km on it. I assume it was a repairable writeoff, but even moreso, I suspect that someone close to the assessor may have had his eye on it for a simple weekend of bogging and painting, and it would have been a really good car for someone.
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