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Old 13-06-16
roger123botswana roger123botswana is offline
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Default Sump refuses to budge !!

2002 3.5 V6 DGI 75W... engine 6g74

A continuation of other of my threads followed by some great advice has lead me to remove my sump by lowering diff, remove crossmember, remove starter, lift engine etc... The most ridiculous way of removing a sump I have ever seen... my land rover is easier than this.

However, after removing all the bolts the sump REFUSES to come of... its as if its stuck on with superglue...

At the rear section are two bolt holes in the corners where the manual says to screw on a bolt which then tightens again the main engine block and forces the sump off.... tried that on one corner and the corner broke off...!!! main sump still OK but i don't really want to try on the other corner.

Do not want to take the engine out.

My sump is the one piece sump, part number 500995

It seems firmly stuck at the back where the 4 bolts attach to the flywheel end (bolts removed).... but is "loose" at the front towards the radiator as I can get a small screw driver in and slightly wiggle and pry.

I don't really want to force this as aluminium may crack etc... and space to work in is very tight.

Does anyone have any ideas how to free the sump from the block when it seems its just the old sealant holding it there??

Thanks again mightily for help.
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Old 13-06-16
P4J3R0 P4J3R0 is offline
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May be a few smaller bolts running from box to engine sump. Just a thought.

Otherwise it's just a case of bit by bit.

I know when I did the sump reveal on the paj in the car it was quite a mission to remove it.
NS Pajero, with stuff.
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Old 13-06-16
bazzle bazzle is offline
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Some manuals suggest the use of a thin hardwood wedge tapped progressively around the gasket line starting from a point of lesser adhesion where you can penetrate the gap then work patiently around the whole perimeter. Do NOT use a metal wedge or any metal tool as the mating sufaces can be marred making potential for leaks. I fashioned one from a hardwood dolly clothes peg and it worked a treat ( this was not on a Pajero though ).
2005 NP Exceed 3.8
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Old 19-06-16
lukumus lukumus is offline
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Try heating a thin metal scraper and driving it into the gasket with a hammer. I too had this problem with a different vehicle and it was the only way the sump was coming off! Also cut what sealant where you can with a razor blade around the outer edges.
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