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Old 22-11-18
Jeffrey Jeffrey is offline
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Default Power Steering box NG

Hi to all. With the changeover of the power steering box is it normal that you can feel the power steering pump through the steering wheel. The car is stationary, engine at idle. Now the box I took off was in bad shape a lot of scoring inside the housing and on the shaft. So when you do a swap there are some things that show up on the new(secondhand part).The car runs and steers well now and it could just be a slight noise in the pump. Now these cars are 30 years old so it is just a question of what's normal.I did tweak the shaft adjustment screw,but then put it back to where is was as there was no change in steering slack.
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Old 23-11-18
TomW TomW is offline
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You shouldn't really be able to "feel" the pump as such through the steering wheel, but there are a couple of possibilities that could explain it.

I assume when you changed the steering box you flushed the fluid out and cleaned the filter in the power steering reservoir?

The power steering belt being loose can also cause notchy steering and vibration through the steering wheel, because it has no real adjuster as such getting it tight enough can be tricky. If the belt is old and glazed it can also slip under load causing weird feeling steering.

Possibly metal fragments from the old steering box got in the pump and caused damage? but the filter should capture these.

Assuming everything above is ok, I would probably just drive it until it lets go. If you did want to proactively replace the pump a gen 2 pump with a v belt pulley will work in the Gen 1.
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Old 24-11-18
Jeffrey Jeffrey is offline
Join Date: Feb 2015
Location: Pinjarra WA
Posts: 115
Default Thanks Tom

Thanks tom I found that I had a little to much load on the adjustment screw plus I did change the belt so all is good, and thanks for your help...Jeff
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