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El_Freddo El_Freddo is offline
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Awesome news. Hopefully it IS the solution you needed.

I love an easy fix like this.

Now you can tell your wife to put the rifle away


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Roofchop Roofchop is offline
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Excellent news!

I got my car cheap as it had all the usual niggles of a 20 year old Pajero.

The young couple I got it from had been told it needed a new engine and as no mechanics could get the 4x4 working, a new gearbox as well!

Once sorted you end up with a very good 4x4 for a fraction the cost of a Toysan or Nisota

2000 NM 3.5 V6 GLX Manual
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Old 5 Days Ago
Having Fun Having Fun is offline
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(apologies for the long-winded, probably boring post, but here's our story)

Yes, when they're working, they are pretty good. This one was very clean when we bought it. No dramas with it for the 1st two years we owned it. My wife wasn't keen on getting it stone chipped & full of red dust when she first got it, so we took our other car when we went Roper Bar/Lorella Springs/Hells Gate etc that year.

But it soon towed a caravan up to Rawnsley Park & drove around the gorges up in the Flinders, then on a bigger trip it went up the middle. We took it out through the east & west Mac's, including out to N'dala, Arltunga & even towed the caravan into/out of Redbank gorge (I'd never contemplate doing that again with any car lol) - on that trip we went up as far as Camooweal before torrential rain turned us around. We stopped in at Andamooka on the way back to Adelaide. The car performed faultlessly.

The next 12 months, it did mostly city driving, as we took our other car when we went on holiday, but the Pajero did get to do the Morgan/Yunta mail run, once again no dramas with the car.

The following year we had towed a camper up through the Hamilton Gate from Wanaaring, Thargo, Toompine, Quilpie & Windorah, Haddon Corner, no dramas, then the fun started! Every time we stopped the car the temp gauge would show hot within 300M of taking off again. Idle it on the roadside for a few minutes & down it would come. Drive all day without stopping & it was all good, but as soon as we stopped, then took off again up went the temp gauge! It was a tad stressful considering where we were lol. We were lucky enough to have 2 mechanics staying in the Birdsville caravan park go right over it for us pro bono, including full a full OBD check & they were left scratching their heads! Anyway, as it was not showing any obvious signs of overheating, other than the gauge, we took a gamble & continued on like that all the way home via Boulia/Jervois/Alice/Woomera.

Once home, it never happened again for over a year! (I can't work that out!) Radiator/water pump/thermostat all checked, nothing unusual found. When it did re-occur, it ended up being a failed gauge temp sensor.

In that year between the probs with the temp gauge, we 1st got the dreaded "chirp" & subsequent lack of interest in many workshops to even look at it. We finally found a guy to fit it for us.

A couple of moths later, we were on our way with it, towing a camper, the plan being Craddock/Marree/Oodnadatta/Mt. Dare/Old Andado/Santa Teresa/Alice/Kingoonya/Home. We got just past Burra & the dreaded flashing centre diff light started! Turned around, went home, changed cars, had a great trip, fixed the solenoids later!

Took it up the river for NYE & on the way home, right on a blind crest on a bend with double white lines, it went into limp mode for about 10M, then died completely, in the most dangerous place it possibly could have chosen! It eventually re-started & OBD tells me it was the camshaft angle sensor!

That was only 7 weeks ago & then we had the stalling drama last week. I'm fast coming to the conclusion that it's too old for the type of travel we do.
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