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Default Overdrive / Cruise Control / Speedo issues..

Hey guys,

I have read just about every thread on here but most of them seem to have been dormant for 2+ years - so wondering if there is any further information..

Basically, this is what it was doing and what I have done, and what it is doing now..

1998 NL SWB GLS V6 3.5 (AUTO)


Overdrive not engaging
Switch on trans lever works and when you depress/release, the O/D OFF light on the dash toggles with the switch.
Overdrive doesn't engage - regardless of speed. Drove home from Brisbane to Sydney with no O/D.

Speedo intermittantly stops working
Drove it home from Brisbane to Sydney no problems - driving around for a few days and it stopped completely. was like this for a few days - then started working again.. Then stopped again..

Cruise Control Not Engaging
Dashboard switch works and illuminates when switched, but will not engage when using the Cruise Control Stalk (regardless of speed)

Did a diagnostics scan - Error #38 "Speed Sensor" was the only code that came up.

I replaced the Speed sensor on the rear passenger side of the Transmission today.
Speedo now working properly, ( issue was intermittant before, so time will tell with this one..
OverDrive and Crusie Control still not operational (both switches still illuminate their dash lights but not engage.

Earthed out the O/D Coolant sensor (Not the Gauge or ECU ones) O/D and Cruise lights still work, but still not engaging..

Checked the Brake pedal switch - appears fine
Checked all fuses and vacuum lines - all OK

What else is left to do ????

NS Shorty Build up ---> Now Gone
NL Shorty Build up ---> Coming soon

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