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Generation 4-2 Pajero NT model 2009 - 2011

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Old 07-05-10
NathanNT NathanNT is offline
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Just looking through what the differences are between the Toyota v5.1 and MMCS... Large chunks of the code are exactly the same, but then again, other large chunks are different. I am going to try a few "nasty" little tricks first (kinda like open heart surgery with a pair of bolt cutters) such as creating a mutant Loading KWI file with most of the MMCS kwi file, but the v5.1 stuff that contains the "Override" option.

If that does not work, I will have to pull things apart in a more refined manner until I find the "Override" option. Eventually I will have to do this anyway - once we have the code we could simply add a menu option elsewhere to enable it (rather than through the service menus).

Right... where is that chainsaw...!!!!
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