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It's all about 'Fishing' Let's have a look at your catch and boat!

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Old 13-04-16
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Originally Posted by my.paj View Post
If you dont mind, what fly's are you using? I have a fly rod and have done very little this may help me get used to it
Not sure what madfisher uses, I have created a burley trail using bread and used a piece of white foam as a fly. Get the foam balls from spotlight, about 5-6mm diameter. From memory a size 6 or 8 hook did the job. Bit like larger version of the trout roe fly. Works best in a lagoon or other still water.

If you found a yellow ball you could use corn to attract the Carp.

Bit off topic, but I use the same fly and tactics to catch mullet. The mullet usually end up as live or slab baits for mulloway. A 6wt rod and light tippet means you have a bit of fun.
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Old 17-04-16
madfisher madfisher is offline
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In reply to what flies we use, its a case of match the hatch. We fish mainly wild mountain rivers like the Turon, winburdale, Abercrombie rivers etc and find different flies work best in different streams. In the Turon it has a huge population of nymphs , so I tend to use a large nymph pattern on a long shank 8 hook, usually with a black glass bead near the eye.(You can buy theses at spotlight) Woolly worms in size 8, with a small red tag also work well.
We do not burley, but rely on casting to feeding carp spotted . Poloriods and a wide brimmed hat are essential. We will often cover up to 5ks one way.
Woolly buggars also work well, and often pink works well , and is easily seen so you know when the carp sucks it down. I use a 6wt fly rod with a 7wt line for easy close in casting, but usually use 12lb fluro tippet.
Their is masses of videos on you tube on how to catch carp on fly.
Its great fun, but a challenge and its helping our native fish.
Cheers Pete
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Old 18-04-16
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Default crabs

best bait in the country for catching crabs in drop nets
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Old 01-05-16
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Read a news article the other day that they are releasing the herpes virus into I think the Murray to kill the carp.

Won't be drinking the water me thinks.
It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see.

Henry David Thoreau

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Old 14-05-16
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Did someone say Carp?!

4WD Neophyte In a 2013 Pajero NW GLX; taking me places to appreciate the nature of Oz-
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Old 16-08-16
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HEard on the local ABC news this morning that they intend to release the Carp Specific Herpes virus in our area when conditions are suitable (and hopefully soon). Now people are up in arms about the rotting carcasses of the carp depleting the water of Oxygen and killing the other fish species. You cannot win....
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