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Old 21-11-19
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Default 3.0 V6 12v 150hp rough idle, detonations + flashing lights

Hello! Great to meet you everyone. I recently bought a Pajero with 3.0 v6 12v 150hp petrol engine, automatic, made in 1993, in very good shape, but with a few issues with whom I need some help. First one is the rough idle. At first start, on petrol, the engine barely kept it's rpms, had vibrations and went from 400 to 1000 rpms shaking and stalling if put into Drive. The problem wasn't so bad after the temperature rised, as it moved to LPG on which it has 1200rpms. Also, on both fuels it has rough idle and detonations can be heard in the exhaust and felt in the car. I started by changing all the plugs and plug leads, cleaned the IAC Valve and throtle body, but no changes. Thinking that it is clearly an air management problem, I disconnected the MAF sensor and the rpms went immediatly on 750rpms, constant, but still detonating in the exhaust, like little misfires. The car wasn't able to idle on LPG though, with Maf disconnected. I thought that this would be the problem, so I ordered a new MAF sensor. I disconnected the battery for half an hour in order to reset and then relearn ecu, put the new maf in place, made the learning procedure. Almost the same symptoms, but now it idles without stalling when cold, but the idle rpms are 1200 on both fuels and still misfiring and a bad smell of unburnt gasses is felt behind. I sprayed everywhere on the engine to see if it pulls false air, but nothing happened. I just don't know what else to check... I don't think TPS could be the problem and I don't know how to check vacuums. I also excluded the O2 sensor, because it doesn't show the check engine light.
The second problem is with the 4x4 lights. The green ones are flashing when starting the car and then all die and never light again while driving. Also, when putting it in 4wd LL the C/D light flashes. I understood that the lights are only for informations and doesn't affect transfer case, because it works only mechanical. Is that true? Even when the CD is flashing when in 4wd? But, what could be the problem then?
And the third question (which I don't know if it's really a problem)... the gearbox changes gears at very high rpms. 2nd at about 3000rpms, third at about 4000 and fourth weherever after 70km/h. I can force it to change earlier by letting the acceleration pedal. Is that normal or it has a problem?
Thank you! Any suggestion would be appreciated.
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