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General Info Pros and cons of different makes and models (incl. international)

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Old 10-07-13
Mack4194 Mack4194 is offline
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Default Rear 9.5 dif question.

With the 9.5 inch dif Were certain years center drop rear ends and did certain years have a long and short side rear end? Will the third members still swap between them?
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Old 12-09-14
EastlyH EastlyH is offline
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Default Tech database

Correction to the tech database:

NF - NG LWB had drum rear brakes, only grey imports had discs.
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Old 22-10-14
Blutak Blutak is offline
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I have just put 1996 triton 4x4 springs in the rear of my 2.6 ng. Only difficulty is the triton bushes in the front eye. You will need to have the triton bushes pressed out. Mine needed 50 tonne of force to remove them. Other than that, I picked up triton springs from the wreckers for $50 each.
Blutak is a 1990 NG EXE, 2.6, blue faded paint, 412 000 km, extractors, bump and droop stop shave, 100/130w globes in stock lights (inc melted plugs...), saggy springs, shocking shocks, crap tires, loose nut behind the wheel.
Blutak, cos thats all that's holding her together. ..
Now she has 485'000km, same everything with a 2.5' pipe, straight thru muffler and cat delete. Also a set of leaf springs from a 96 triton that gave me a $100 2 inch lift.
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Old 25-03-15
terry1738 terry1738 is offline
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Thanks for the info but can any one tell me will a NT 4M41 fit physically into an NS from the data it seems the transmission bell housing is the same for both models and is the same as the gen 3 auto, or am I reading it wrong. I am fairly confident I can handle the electronics but I seem to be getting different replys about the transmission matching.
Thanks Terry
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Old 13-04-15
Tuba Tuba is offline
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Always so confusing, my son has a High Roof LWB Ser 1 Pajero, with 4D56T (no int), 4 spd auto (3 sp with button OD), leaf and disc rear. No idea what year it is though as its not got that info on it, reg says 87.

Im guessing its an import?
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Old 28-04-16
wjsmarine wjsmarine is offline
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Default 86 import 4D56T dieing - engine swap?

Hi, I have a low mileage grey import 86 Paj in good condition but the crank pulley has been chewed out due an incorrectly tightened retaining bolt. Doh!

Cost to repair is astronomical so I'm looking at changing the engine to something later with common rail injection for all the benefits. I'm mechanically and electronically adept (I didn't do the timing belt change that killed the pulley!). The body and everything else is in good nick otherwise I'd wreck it and buy something more modern and save a lot of work...

What diesel engine/s will bolt up to my 4sp auto trans, disc rear, lwb Paj? Is there a common rail 4D56T or 4m40 that will bolt up? Some off road use but mainly for towing the boat and city use, I want to stay with diesel.

Worse case I will replace with another 4D56T if a common rail is available (?). I can afford to spend up to 5k but not for the same old technology.

Worse, worse case I will go to a different manufacturer and change full engine, trans and transfer case. Any suggestions?

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Old 28-04-16
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Brilliant work getting all this info together mate. Thank you heaps
NM2002 Exceed DID. Safari Snorkel, Garrett GTX2863R Turbo, HPD Intercooler, Synergy / Turbosmart controllers, Mandrel 3" Exhaust Pyro, Built auto, ECB Bar with 12,000lb Winch & Dyneema rope, Rotronic battery system, 2x 120Amp/h AGM AUX batteries, Lovell 2", Airbags, Rhino AT2012, Fiamma Awning. 4x IPF spots 120w HID inserts. Alpine NAV Bluetooth with Type R sound system, UHF Uniden UH8080NB, Couplertec. Rear draw system, 1500w inverter. ARB twin comp / tank, ARB Locker. Evakool. NASA BM-1.
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Old 27-12-16
LeisureSuitLarry LeisureSuitLarry is offline
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Does anyone know if the 5.29 ratio ring and pinion from a 91 NG EXE drum rear will fit the centre of the rear of an import disc brake about 1987. Its the NF grey import diff with NL era discs, and odd pad size, RD2058 I think it is. I have a pair of EXE 5.29 ratio diffs I wouldnt mind using if I can but dont want to lose the rear diff that it has now, just the ratio.

Been trying to read up on them, but found based on IO and Delica threads the crown might have 8 bolts, 10 bolts. Centre might be low pinion, high, 8 inch and 9. Im not sure what the grey import diff is but Im sure its stock just off everything else in the car but Im aware its odd compared to Aus spec.

I guess im asking are they both 9 inch, or is the EXE one likely to be smaller? Im pretty sure the import is 9".
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