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rossyboys rossyboys is offline
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Agree the brand of fuel is a big player in fuel economy, don't forget also I get much better economy out of nice cool/cold day, compared to 35+ Celsius day and above
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Old 2 Days Ago
Handy Andy Handy Andy is offline
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Default fuel usage

Gidday boys
Just spoke to my mate he is at Adelaide River, apparently the V8's are on in Darwin this weekend.
The tyres were on when he was here in Brisbane and the usage was normal then . They are Goodyear Wranglers A/T's , I forgot to ask the size but on the standard NX OEM rim so whatever the NX runs. He actually put them on to replicate his previous Pajero set up in an attempt to help, the originals were barley run in but as his previous Pajero had no issues he thought he would do be sure, to be sure
The excess usage began the second time in western Qld . If given a choice he usually uses BP Ultimate or Caltex subject to availability however when you travel you don't always get that choice. He wouldnt knowingly use doubtful fuel ,of course

As I said originally he is on his third Paj, he has been travelling Australia for over 20 years in those vehicles without this issue. In fact has travelled these same roads a few times in different Paj's During this time he has no doubt experienced a range of "normal" country driving conditions with the "normal" consequences ie heat, cold, rough, wind etc.

This vehicle is not loaded up with anything the previous Paj's didnt also carry and when/if asked to tow it is towing the same trailer the others towed. In fact his previous Paj carried this identical set up to the Cape and back two years ago with considerably less fuel used per 100 The others vehicles responded as you would expect, unfortunately this one is different, for some unknown reason.

He told me on the phone he had a pretty solid tail wind pushing him today to Adelaide River 19.8/100.....While I have shared your responses he will attempt to find some access to our forum tomorrow to have a read for himself, as the fact that his previous vehicle could and this one struggles is somewhat frustrating him, and he is hoping there is a reason.

As the week unfolds I'll come back as any info comes to hand, he sees a dealer Tuesday so I guess I'll keep my fingers crossed
thanks again gentlemen
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farcanal farcanal is offline
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I can add a bit to this thread. I've just bought a 2018 NX, my 4th Pajero and 3rd diesel.
At 1500 kms I commenced a journey from Albany to Kununurra in the Kimberley (and return) towing a Kimberley Kamper camper/trailer which probably weighs about 1700 kgs.
I wasn't paying much attention to fuel consumption, but I was aware at the beginning of this trip I was filling up fairly regularly. I hadn't even bothered to set the dash display.
I got about 1000 kms from Kununurra and decided to record kms and litres used, for the remaining 4500 kms.
My first calculation came in at about 15l/100.
It gradually improved from high 14's down to about 13 which I'm pretty happy with considering we were towing a heavy trailer. I've heard these engines take a few kms to free up.
Our speed was usually 90 kph using cruise control, and a tailwind didn't seem to make any difference.
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oscaroo oscaroo is offline
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My 13 day old MY18 Exceed has 3400km now.
In the first 2500km it used on average 10.xL/100km going Syd->Mildura->Mungo and back.

Then sameish 10.1 when going Syd->Edith->Syd

and just recently today when going Syd->HunterValley it used 9.5L/100km.

The amount of weight was the same.
Same OEM tyres.

Maybe it's loosening up a bit?
I'm not too fused with the current usage.
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Kumabear Kumabear is offline
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I find that the fuel use in the auto is highly dependent on the status of the torque converter.

If I am off road and the conditions and my weight / tire size are causing the converter to unlock at the speeds im doing then fuel use goes very high. Sometimes as high as 14/15 l/100

I would say that if his economy is fine on the highway but sometimes spikes in slower/more challenging roads then this is the likely cause for him also.

You can see the converter unlock if you watch the tac, it almost looks and feels like the car is down shifting but you will still be in the same gear.
2011 MY12 NW Pajero GL (White)

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