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Safebrake Performance Brake Hose Stops better with SAFEBRAKE

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Default Pajero NJ (Standard Height) brake upgrade-SAFEBRAKE Performance Lines

"Effective brake upgrade, with improved stopping power for your car"
Easier to lock all 4 wheels during steep off-road tactical tracking for 4WD vehicles.

Product Code:

Mitsubishi Pajero NJ 1993-1997
Applicable models:
Suits NJ short/long wheelbase 2.4TD, 2.8TD, 2.4L, 2.6L, 3.0L V6, 3.5l V6. With Standard suspension height.

Compatible calipers:
Standard Pajero NJ front and rear calipers.
Compatible fluids:
DOT 3, DOT 4, DOT 5 (Silicone), DOT 5.1 ( Glycol Ether/Borate Ester)

Includes in the packaging are:
Front left axle = 1 hose
Front left chassis to bracket = 1 hose
Front right axle = 1 hose
Front right chassis to bracket = 1 hose
Rear left axle = 1 hose
Rear right axle = 1 hose
Rear chassis to axle = 1 hose

Total: 7 hoses kit.

+ following documents:
- Warranty Card
- Suggestion for Safety
- Limited Warranty (Terms & Condition)
- Installation Suggestion

Installation Note:
This SAFEBRAKE™ brake lines kit fit like standard part, without modification required.

5 Years Warranty!

When you install SAFEBRAKE™ to your car, you can have a peace of mind knowing that SAFEBRAKE™ is totally committed to the quality of its products by offering a 5 years warranty program. Details of the Limited Warranty are enclosed in the packaging box.

30 Days Money Back Guaranteed!

Should you change your mind after making a purchase, if the product is faulty or not as described, NO WORRIES you can return this product and receive your full purchase price minus postage. To qualify, the product must be in its new, unused condition.

SAFEBRAKE™ Brake hose products are 100% fully compliant with ADR 42/04 Section 15 and conform to SAA, SAE J1401, BS, JIS, DIN, ISO or ECE standards for flexible hydraulic brake hose.

√ ADR 42/04 Compliant
√ SAE J1401 Compliant
√ OEM Specification made according to individual car model hose length and bracket position
√ SAFEBRAKE™ Teflon® Hose is Certified ISO 16949:2009 (Automotive OEM Supplier Std)
√ Robust 3.4mm Heavy Wall Teflon® Inner-Lining
√ Braided with top quality AISI 304/S15 or BS970-1 hard drawn stainless steel wires
√ Every hose is tested to 3,500 psi

Hose Construction
SAFEBRAKE™ brake hose is designed with robust 3.4mm heavy wall Teflon® Inner-Lining to eliminate hose expansion which affect brake performance. Our hose is manufactured with 100% pure Teflon® powder supplied by DuPont™ FlouroPolymer Solutions. The extrusion process utilises the latest technology which results in consistent wall thickness and inner diameter through-out the whole hose length.
No pigments or additives which may reduce the strength of the hose is added.
The Teflon® inner-lining is protected and further strengthened with the braiding of fine stainless steel wires which is constructed in a cross-braiding pattern of 4-wire strands that enhances the strength of the hose. The wires are produced from high quality AISI 304/S15 or BS970-1 1996 hard drawn tensile stainless steel.

Extra Protection
To ensure further protection from weather elements and road debris during the lifespan of the hose, an external layer of PVC elastomer (Elastic Polymer) is applied to protect the stainless steel wire braid.
SAFEBRAKE™ metal end-fittings are made of high quality alloy steel which are machined with precision utilising the latest machining technology as required by ISO/TS 16949 (Automotive OEM Supplier Standard). Environmental friendly Zinc coating is used to protect the end-fittings to ensure long service life and compliance with environmental protection laws.

SAFEBRAKE™ Key Advantages
  • Unrivalled flex-life (18 million normal cycles) for exceptional durability.
  • Minimal volumetric expansion (hose swelling) due to 3.4mm Heavy-Wall designed which results in powerful braking and amazing feel.
  • Negligible water ingress, meaning brake fluid is not contaminated and performance is not compromised.
  • Long service life while maintaining the same high level of braking performance.
  • Safer motoring - Improved braking performance over standard rubber brake hose.
  • Unrivalled braking performance for track and racing application, regardless of the size of brake rotors and calipers.

Customers' Feedback
Following are customers' comment from their experience of using SAFEBRAKE™ brake hose;
  • Obvious improvement in brake performance of their car, right after installation.
  • Helps to reduce overall stopping distance.
  • Able to reduce the speed of their car more confidently in wet or dry road condition.
  • Able to get out of dangerous situation more confidently with precise brake and vehicle control.
  • Reduce swerve tendencies during panic or emergency braking, even on older cars.

SAFEBRAKE™ has over 300 car models in the application. If you cannot find your car models in the listings, please email us at
Should you are in trade business and interested to become a dealer, do contact us for details.

Important Note:
In order for SAFEBRAKE™ products to work properly, car components not limited to tires, suspension, brake pads, brake disc must be in good working conditions.

SAFEBRAKE™ Products are developed and designed in Australia by Australian company.
SAFEBRAKE™ or PRO-RS Australia Pty Ltd, has no affiliation whatsoever with DuPont™ other than as indirect customer.
DuPont™, Teflon® are registered Trademarks and Trademarks of E.I, du Pont de Nemours and Company.
Trademarks or commercial tradename mentioned herewith are the rightful property of their respective owners.

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Old 10-01-19
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is this still a valid offer?
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Old 11-01-19
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I was going to add a comment that after 4 years I don't think the price would be the same but it looks like the price hasn't changed -

Here is an eBay add if you like to go that way -
2010 NT Activ, DiD+lazy shift. Bushskins+Boo's, Kings springs+Monroe shocks+Firestone Airbags, MM towbar, MM nudgebar.
2006 KJ Cherokee, CRD+lazy shift. Ironman springs and OME shocks, MoPar skids.
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