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Old 24-11-18
El_Freddo El_Freddo is offline
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Default Mrs El_Freddoís NP auto diesel

Gíday all,

Long time Subaru nut, first time poster, short time lurker since getting our new to us NP auto diesel GLX. Itís exciting to be moving over to a new make of vehicle and a larger 4wd. Personally I like the Pajero due to the independent suspension and diesel option. Several have been in my extended family for a while now with good reviews as such, so this helped the decision as to what weíll replace our trusty VT with.

The NP has 320k km on her. Came with dual batteries, uhf radio, roof racks, cargo barrier and second spare tyre.

Weíre pretty happy with her. The first trip was a Bendigo > Cohuna > Whittlesea > Bendigo loop with an overnight stop in Cohuna. 79.7L to 709kms travelled.

And here she is in the side of Mt Alexander after a short walk:

I found the thread about moving the climate controls into the space just above the centre console - after doing all the reading about it and looking at our setup I realised we have our uhf radio placed in that space. So thatís not happening

The only real issue we have is the 4wd system. It does what you ask it to do with what mode you want it in (except in low range, I canít really tell if itís in low or not), then if the vehicle is moving, about 30 seconds to a minute later the flashing centre diff lock light appears.
Iíve confirmed that the 4 high works, and the locked 4 high works (binding with an attempt at a U-turn on dirt). But that damn light still comes on. Iíll add to the thread about this in the Gen 3 section.

Otherwise itís a sweet ride. Iíd like better than the 11.2L/100k weíve got on our big loop, so will be investigating what can be done here (can these be tuned??). And the rear end likes to talk when the suspension is putting its articulation on show. I canít really complain about the fuel economy, thatís what my off-roader Subaru gets anyway! I put the wrong 5th gear in the box when I built it...

I also noticed that the previous owner (we're the 2nd owner) was a Pajero club member. The sticker is still on the rear window

Iíll leave off here. Dunno how much modding will happen since itís our family car, the Subi will keep up that job until it dies or is taken off the road.


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