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Fuel and fuel systems Petrol vs Diesel, LPG Conversions, premium fuels, and all that gas

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Old 26-02-20
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As a follow up to my last, as at last fill, I have travelled 98,684km since 21 Nov 15 (1538 days) and consumed 11,948 litres of fuel. A 3 c/L difference in fuel price is 23 c/day or $85 per year. Inconsequential compared to the real cost of owning the vehicle in the 10s of thousands of dollars.
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Old 26-02-20
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I mostly use BP Ultimate or Caltex Vortex if BP is not available. I like the no foaming of the premium fuels and the Pajero seems to run smoother. I also have a Skoda Diesel (VW) and it definately runs smoother. I have always used BP Ultimate in the Skoda. The local servo was Mobile before changing to BP and their Mobil Diesel was 5% Bio. When coming back from QLD once I got fuel at Kempsey and there were different prices at the pumps. I questioned this and the cheaper one was Truck Diesel and was Bio Diesel. At the pump it states if it is Bio Diesel. When I first started using BP Ultimate in the Pajero I did numerous checks and the economy was better 1 to 1.5 L/100. I average 9 -10 L/100 driving around Newcastle and between 8 and 9 going to the Central Coast.
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Old 26-02-20
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I used to use Shell, because Coles is my nearest supermarket and I'd take advantage of their extra 10c discount whenever I filled both tanks. 14c/litre discount on nearly 150 litres was appealing.

Travelling with friends in similarly configured Pajeros mine was always reporting higher consumption than everybody else - not by much, but it was there. On a trip to the Vic high country, I filled up in Dargo with BP fuel - no idea if it was ultimate or regular. On the trip home, my consumption figures were much closer to the rest of the group, so I haven't bought Shell diesel since.
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I have tried 6 different fuels on my nx pajero and there are different. But my understanding is from production to delivery then to the service station, dont you really think all steps are the same?Exactly same fuel will be different when being added into your car after those process. In addition different brand will use different additives and we don't know what they have used. If we can add additives each time we fuel up, then any fuel that meet the standard will be fine. I would say BP ultimate is like a burger with veg and sauce, normal fuel is like a burger without veg and sauce but can still feed us and we can add different ingredients later if we want.

Edit: forgot to mention, my paj somehow likes costco diesel. but its a bit far from my house, so I normally use BP ultimate. Maybe each car has their own taste.
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My Pajero likes Dynamis Gold Premium diesel they call the stuff, loves the stuff!

It's around the corner from my house @ 99.9 cents per litre

Towed my camper trailer @ 10.8 Litres per 100k's, 250k's distance & back as i had used up my tank was BP expensive stuff & that was 11.2 litres per 100k's, 250k's travelled.
(I have Automate fitted)

It wasn't the fuel that made the difference, that expensive stuff didn't go as far as cheap stuff same road & less weight no water, no wood etc, less food, in my opinion it was the fact that on way home more travel at 110k's on speedo & way up bit more traffic so more was done at 100k's to 80k's on speedo.
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