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Old 16-10-13
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Default Mounting a fridge in the cargo area

Currently I use those blue tiedown straps with a hook at one end to secure my 40l engel in the back. One strap goes from the rear drivers side tiedown loop to the rear handle and then back to the tiedown loop, same for the front.
I am not happy with the plastic tiedown loops and the idea of a ~40kg fridge flying around the back of the car in a accident.
I would like to make up a false floor, bolted to the tie down nuts, and have 4 tie down points screwed to the false floor so i would have two tiedown points for the fridge on each side. I may in the future add on a fridge slide but that would be down the track.
I see that some have put in a false plywood floor and someone made up a rectangular piece of metal which had the centre cut out so it was like a loop.
I think it was laser or water cut.
I have had a chat to my neighbour at work who is a metal fabricator and he was thinking 6mm aluminum would be the minimum thickness for strength, no matter whether i went with a solid panel of aluminum or had it cut out.
It would cost me ~$90 for aluminium or $140 for 18mm marine ply

So whats everyones thoughts on the thickness of the aluminium and can anyone think of a reason not to go with the aluminum?

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