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Old 25-10-10
carl burgess carl burgess is offline
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Default Rear diff lock

Hi, has anybody used the rear factory diff lock in a tricky stuation and been impessed with it, i havnt had any experience and was just wondering just how helpfull they can be. Is the diff lock on the challenger like the ones people add to other vehicles, is it electrically operated or air, just wondering, thanks for any replies
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Old 25-10-10
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I have used mine extensively! I find I reach for it more and more. As far as does it help you....... I have gotten through a few places where both locked and unlocked Landcruisers & Prado's could not do.

As far as actuation goes I believe it is vacuum operated, however I am happy to be corrected on this.
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Old 25-10-10
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unless its different from previous models , it will be air activated. there is a very small compressor that runs at approx 6psi, the ARB is an air locker as well however it runs at much higher pressure up around 100psi.
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Old 26-10-10
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It is air activated. I know this because I went four wheel driving after my suspension was done and the mechanic put the air hoses on back to front... not enjoyable being stuck on the side of a mud hill, being under the car trying to work out why the hell the diff lock wont engage and why there is a distinct sound of air leaking from the rear of the car..

But the diff lock is awesome, advantages are you can crawl over allot more terrain, without having to hit it with speed (as I had to in previous 4x4's). I also enjoy four wheel driving allot more when using it, almost like a security blanket.. But at the same time you have to be careful as it enables the car to at times just keep climbing due to the high grip levels which can get you into some sticky situations..
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To do: Airtec snorkel, maybe ARB bar...

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