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Originally Posted by oscaroo View Post

Good thing of a tank at the front is that it can probably give chilled water
That would take some over-engineering. But what fun!

Canvas bags, seen over bullbars a fair bit when I was young, give cool water by evaporation. The cost was that the water always tasted of dirty canvas. If you covered your stainless tank with canvas you could achieve the benefit without the cost: provided you had a water source for the evaporation. So a stainless tank, in water held by a canvas bag. Would work, would be a pain to build and mount. An A/C unit running into the tank? But then it would be better inside the car. A cooler off an old gas or kero fridge perhaps? Heat source being water coming in to the radiator, or even the exhaust.

So many options for the OTT water mount builder! Good luck, and keep us in the loop!

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Originally Posted by geopaj View Post
Donít forget some travel with families, and young children are not always as efficient with water like adults who are used to remote travel and water conservation

I reckon we (2A & 2C) could do 10L per person per week - so 40L - plus I always like to have an extra jerry can as a Ďsafety extra amountí.
Yes, I should qualify, my water usage is for solo, so that 40L using water at the same rate over 2A + 2C would only be a week's supply - and they would use more water than me.
My showering regime is also not like it is at home (insert pinching ones nose smilie here)

I got caught out carrying too much water when I did the CSR 4 years back. Well, it wasn't too much in reality - only 50L - but I gave half of that away after I broke the paj and had to bail out solo. I was away for 4 weeks on that trip, gave half my water away, and still returned home with the water I left with. I reckon a footwell tank in the paj would have helped me immensely on that trip over 2 x 20L jerries.

When I have the family with me, I take the camper as that has a 110L tank. That will do 3 of us for a month if we are careful.

I didn't touch on it but you did above - If remote, the insurance of carrying excess water is immeasurable.

I'd still suggest +50L of water is a lot to carry for most people.

Originally Posted by garc
Maybe you should look at using a Pajero
See^^^^...I did use a paj....and broke it

Originally Posted by dicko
You are better looking at it than looking for it though.
here, here.

To a degree. Risk management. How often do you carry excess to the times you need to look for it though? That one time may be your saviour....our your achillies heel.
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Originally Posted by sharkcaver View Post
If remote, the insurance of carrying excess water is immeasurable.
Iíd also say that whether you are single vehicle or convoy would alter the choice in how much water to carry.

Single vehicle, Iíd carry more. Multi vehicle, Iíd carry less.
Purely because if I only hve one car, and it breaks, I might be waiting for a while for someone to come past/come looking. But in a convoy? Got the other vehicles to drag me out or go get help.
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