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Fuel and fuel systems Petrol vs Diesel, LPG Conversions, premium fuels, and all that gas

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Old 09-11-19
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Think things may have changed in 25 years.
LOL I didn't think that through should have occurred to me.

Another good read and i will highlight another point from the article.
Under normal storage conditions, today’s diesel fuel when stored at temperatures no higher that 68 deg. F (20 deg. C) can be expected to stay in usable condition for 12 months. Stored at temperatures higher than 86 deg. F (30 deg. C), Fuel can degrade to unusable condition in as little as 6 months. Increased use of above-ground storage tanks have made these problems even more wide-spread.
On another point ir Seems a bio-diesel have a shorter lifespan and and may be worst for your engine.

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Old 09-11-19
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Change the filters & use good quality & fresh fuels, store fuel airtight in coolest places possible.

But I would be using the 3 month old diesel for sure

Out of interest only

Petrol 4 to 6 weeks these days

Toro mowers if you read their warranty they will not warrant their engine if the fuels is more than 1 month old.
How they would know its 29 days old is beyond me LOL! How long was it on the ship, how long in tank at servo!

Smell it out of bowser & smell it 1 months tme, biggest reason A mower comes through with engine problems is carby & fuel.
At home not being anal about it but i tip my mower's tank out & all handheld goods when I go to use them if they've been sitting around & put fresh fuel in them, it is not hard!
And I buy fuel regular & not in bulk
They always go, funnily enough

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