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Fuel and fuel systems Petrol vs Diesel, LPG Conversions, premium fuels, and all that gas

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Old 23-08-14
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For my 2c worth I'm a doubting Thomas about injecting hydrogen generated onboard the PJ. From my memory of physics I think it is called the "Law of Conservation of Energy". You cannot get more out than you put in ie the extra load on the alternator would outweigh the extra energy produced by the engine. If anyone has dyno tests showing fuel consumption in l/100Kms at various loads with and without the hydrogen generator operating I would love to see them and be proved wrong. I can accept adding say LPG which is an external source of fuel will have positive benefits.

Back in 1970's I had a 180B and installed a water injection unit. It was a passive device that allowed a small amount of water to be sucked into the carbie. It did work and I got a 6% increase in fuel economy. Water injection is not new as it was used in fighter planes in WW2. The theory is simple. Water @*$#@*$#@*$#@*$#cules are sucked or injected into the combustion cylinder. When the fuel burns the water droplet turns to steam. The water to steam ratio is about 1600:1 thus the compression is increased slightly for no extra fuel. Naturally there is a limit on the amount of water that can be used and it fairly small.

Does anyone know of someone who has a water injector for a turbo diesel? I have my doubts that it would be as effective as a petrol engine as the air intake temp on the diesel is much higher and the water droplets may turn to steam before combustion takes place thereby negating any positive benefit.
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Old 24-08-14
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Something similar is a 6 cycle engine
The first 3 are normal then its compression again, water injection for the next cycle, using the same principal as above its so hot the water turns steam for power, then its the exhaust cycle. The energy provided is the unwanted heat that is used instead of rejected through the cooling system
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