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Old 16-01-17
feeex feeex is offline
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Default Scangauge II

I've been having a play with my new Scangauge II today. I've had it a few months but only got round to installing this afternoon. It's a 30 second job; the instructions make it very straight-forward. Initially I was interested to see if the EGR device was working so I followed the instructions found on the site and sure enough it was always reading zero. To be absolutely sure I'm going to remove it and check the zero changes to something else. I've also been tracking some other values, namely the following:
EGR - 0 (always closed)
CIA (Intake air temp) - Between 45-75degC
BST (Boost) - 19-20PSi
ATF (Auto transmission fluid temp) - 55-80degC
HPR - 15-175bhp
plus some consumption stuff which wasn't hugely interesting.

So my comments/questions:
The EGR seems to be working, which is good.
CIA I assume is the temp after the intercooler. It jumps around quite a bit when the turbo is working. Ambient temperature is around 35degC so it's always a full 10degC above that. Is this good/normal?
BST seems ok I think. Although I'd love more power/torque so is 19-20PSI the limit?
ATF increases the longer the drive which I think is normal too
HPR I not sure can be trusted....!

It's a nice bit of kit though!
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Old 17-01-17
dbdb dbdb is offline
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Based on my observations of my scan gauge, your air intake (CIA) temps are pretty normal - I have a bash plate which may impact air flow a bit, but mine usually reads around 20 degrees above ambient, and when working hard in hot weather I think the sky's the limit. Towing in NSW last week in 37 degrees with a head wind I was seeing temps of 85-90, and that wasn't the hardest it was working that day. ATF and boost seem pretty normal, and ATF increasing a bit the longer you drive is normal, but it should reach a ceiling pretty quick. When not towing mine usually sits around 85 in warm weather, but will rise quickly if the torque converter lockup is not engaged (e.g. accelerating up a hill).
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Old 19-01-17
feeex feeex is offline
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So everything is normal. Which is good because I've just ordered my Dominator 3 module from Chip Tuning
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