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Old 07-01-18
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Default Leaky milk cartons?

More than once, I've had milk cartons spring a leak, either in the fridge, or in a storage crate. The bottom of each leaky carton looked something like this, only worse:

I figured the collapse always started at the bottom, and it collapsed because it could, after too many kilometres of the bumps, bounces and vibrations that are an inevitable part of using our 4wds as Mitsubishi always intended. So perhaps if I could support the bottom of the carton, maybe I could stop the leaks? Long story short, I printed a couple of pieces, and milk cartons have since returned from a few trips in much better condition than I had become accustomed to seeing.

Initially I thought offering these for sale was a waste of time, because I didn't think anybody would want to pay more than a couple of dollars each - which wouldn't cover the time of processing an order.

However, I then got to thinking about the hassle of emptying the fridge (or crate) and cleaning out the mess - and figured that's probably worth a few dollars.

So, is it?

I haven't actually checked, but I reckon I could post a pair for $15, or four for $20.

I have currently only made them for the "square" Tetra-Brik (actually slightly rectangular when you measure them), but would happily produce for the rectangular version too - and probably any other common milk / juice carton, if somebody is really keen. A burgeoning waist-line has led me to break my former habit of a daily Iced Coffee....

I used white for mine, because milk is white. Well, actually, it's probably just what was on the printer at the time. The white did get dirty in the storage crate, so black might be a better choice - or I might be able to do other colours, if somebody is particularly keen?

Anybody interested?
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Old 08-01-18
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Agree 100% with your leaky milk carton experience.

You know what finally worked for me ?
Lay them flat so the pounding is spread over a much larger area. Completed the Anne Baedell + CSR + Tanami without further issue.
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Old 08-01-18
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Default Leaky Milk Cartons

We, for years, have stored them flat because they fit in better and when we go to use them, empty the contents into a reusable plastic container that lives in the fridge. When the plastic container of milk is consumed, wash out along with the dishes, rinse thoroughly, refill and put back into the fridge.
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Old 08-01-18
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Only use the 1 litre plastic bottles and never had an issue. Keep 2 x 1 litre long life in tucker box as emergency... For a few dollars your idea would seem to be well worth it. Stale milk is the pits to clean or get rid of smell.
Dicko FNQ

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