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Question ETACS ECU problem

I have just replaced my cracked battery tray and when I reconnected the battery I had the normal ASC light after starting , took the car for a drive to clear.

The ASC cleared but as I drove into my driveway I noticed the dash had indications that all doors were open.

I then opened the drivers door and noted I had no interior lights.
On further investigation i also have no blinkers, key fob does not work to unlock /lock doors, side mirror fold does not work, and rear wiper all do not work.

I have checked the hazard fuse and all other associated fuses including the two fuses in the yellow Install On Delivery block with no blown fuses.

I then thought it may be the Ultra Gauge being connected during battery reconnection so then disconnected the battery again and pulled the Ultra Gauge from the OBD port.

With the same result of blinkers, doors, wing mirrors, interior lights and rear wiper not working.

There are not CEL codes, to indicate a faulty ETACS.
I have pulled and checked every fuse with a multimeter no fails.
I have pulled the ETACS and reconnected.

All with the same problems, I have only disconnected the battery and the reconnected after fixing the battery tray, can anyone give me anything else to check or something else to try


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Old 4 Weeks Ago
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Continuing on from your thread you might have to find a MUTTIII ie dealer or auto elec.

If I were to guess I'd say the CANBUS may have shit itself. There is anecdotal evidence to suggest that sending signals (ie having something plugged in) via the OBD port when powering the CANBUS may cause issues.

Do you have the TorquePro app? The app has a function to check error codes and I/O errors on the CANBUS are likely to show. Even if there is nothing showing up, a "clear faults" sent via the app funtion could be a solution. Then again I may be way off. You'd need an OBD2 Bluetooth/wireless sender too and I'd suggest the Konwei902 or 903 - about $25 on ebay.
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