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Old 15-05-10
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lol... The reason I post the information in the forum here is _loads_ of people have tried to break open the Eclipse units and come up with software solutions. This thread provides information for others who might be able to help. So here is a summary in reasonably plain English...

Lots of cars contain Eclipse units. Some of the earlier Mitsu's contain a unit which has a hard drive built in - this is the only unit where someone has found a software override. It turns out that unit is completely different from all other units on the market (it is based on a different CPU).

So... the unit in the Aussie MMCS is similar to that found in the Toyota's as far back as 2005, and a whole bunch of other vehicles. In fact they are _remarkably_ similar. Lets say you are looking at genetics. The 2010 Aussie MMCS shares about 50% of its genes with the 2005 Toyota v5.1 system.

You might say SO WHAT?

Well it turns out the Toyota v5.1 actually had an override option built in. What the Toyota owners do now is take the older v5.1 software and mix it with 2009/2010 maps, and thus can maintain the "override" option. This is a very simple solution for them. What I am trying right now is akin to splicing the genes from the Toyota v5.1 system into our MMCS version.

Unfortunately this is not going very well, so I may resort to another more brutal method. This involves effectively deleting chunks of the code and see what stops working. Over time I should be able to narrow it down to a certain block of code (a gene) that for instance displays the nag screen, or displays the video playback warning. Once I have that block of code, I can put something neutral in place, and thus provide an override. It takes about 30mins each time round to delete a chunk of code, burn the new disk, and upload it to the MMCS... at 2-3 runs a weekend, that means a few weeks (assuming there is no checksum).

While most of the thread is "Latin", I am sure there are plenty of things you folks could talk about where I would have no idea what you are smoking...
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