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Old 1 Week Ago
nitram977 nitram977 is offline
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Default 4m40 misfire after startup and hesitation under load

Hi guys,
I have a 94 NJ 4m40 thats had a recent replacement of injector pump, turbo, injectors and glow plugs. I purchased this car with all this done but no idea as to who did it or what brand of parts replaced.
When I start it starts 1st kick but quickly after startup chugs for about 5-10 seconds, puffs a bit of white smoke and then idles and runs beautifully.
At speed, say 4th gear, going up even a fairly slight hill it feels like its hesitating and loses momentum. even if I change down a gear to keep revs up it still hesitates until i back off or the road flattens out.
When its on the flat and not under load it runs absolutely beautiful.
I dont have a boost gauge hooked up yet so I dont know what sort of boost pressure its maintaining. But will soon.
Anyone experienced anything similar?
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Old 6 Days Ago
Dongskie2's Avatar
Dongskie2 Dongskie2 is offline
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The white smoke is a sure sign of un-burned diesel.

If that chugs occurs at cold start, I recommend you check the glow plugs on each cylinder, better yet replace them all at the same time.

It isn't actually "Hesitation", but it's the situation of OD, RPM, Speed and Pedal position and fuel compensation under boost. When on "OD On" it really feels sluggish.

You are experiencing exactly as I experienced before during the first few months with my 2.8TDiC.

See your PM for a DIY tip.
Nothing beats Doing It Yourself.... 2C+Turbo... 4M40 and tuning...
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Old 6 Days Ago
rykiel575 rykiel575 is offline
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Are you loosing any coolant?
2012 NW Pajero GXL 3.2L
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Old 5 Days Ago
nitram977 nitram977 is offline
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Join Date: Mar 2008
Location: Wollongong.NSW
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Default Thank you

Thanks to those who responded to my post. I agree it would be unburnt diesel. Either glow plugs not heating probably is my guess. This car is a manual. No overdrive and not losing coolant.

The car has a press button for glow plugs instead of the standard glow plug relay. Why, I dont know but If I hold the glow plug button down for 20 seconds and keep the glow plugs burning after car fires up I dont get the puff of white smoke.

Question thou - are the injectors under constant pressure even when the car isnt running? Is there any way that the cylinders are being over fed diesel when stopped or cold?
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greybeard greybeard is offline
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4m40t in paj/triton is mechanical injection. yes, some pressure when engine off but nothing like a common rail.
I think you've proven the point that it's due to the glow plugs not working for long enough on cold start. If there is a manual button for the glow plugs then the glow plug timer is probably stuffed and a previous owner has installed the manual button as a cheap band aid fix.
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Old 4 Days Ago
GavinD GavinD is offline
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Default Injector pump

Don't rule out the injector pump front seal leak. This could be the start of the issue.
Had same problem, did glow plus, injectors but had to get an injector pump.
You should be able to see many threads on this site.
Good Luck
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