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Default Idling problem

Hey guys

I currently have a 3.5 V6 NM.

Shortly after I purchased the vehicle, 2 years ago, I had a issue with the idle speed going up to around 1400rpm, I tried numerous things like cleaning the throttle body, changed air filter etc etc and eventually with the help of this forum I replaced the IAC valve and did a ecu relearn for the idling and that cured the problem.

The IAC valve I fitted was just a cheap eBay one so after doing a lot of reading here Iím thinking of ordering a original one, but before I do so I thought I would see if anyone has had a similar problem.

So at the moment the idle speed drops to around 300rpm, but the problem is intermittent. I actually re fitted the old(original) IAC valve and have the same symptoms. After doing a ecu relearn she will idle fine for a couple of days and then just out of the blue starts playing up again and the idling is so low that I need to flick it into neutral when I stop in traffic to prevent the engine from stalling.

My wife took the paj out today to run some errands and there was no issues when she left home then when she wanted to come back home the paj wouldnít idle and kept stalling. This happened twice and with the 3rd restart of the engine everything was fine again.

So am I over looking something or do you guys also think itís the IAC valve playing up again.

The air filter is clean and fairly new. I cleaned the throttle body a week ago and also fitted a new fuel filter.(All the symptoms were there before doing any of this work)

Appreciate any feedback or advice you guys can offer.

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