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Old 12-05-19
nstarrengower nstarrengower is offline
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Default Metallic spring / shim noise when cold

Hi, in the first few minutes of driving, when cold, I am getting a metallic type of noise, maybe during the first few brake applications, never there after 5 minutes of driving, sounds like a shim noise, or spring "twanging"??, its not a heavy clunk, very light metallic noise, seems to be coming from front drivers corner,,,are there any sensors or switches under bonnet that can make this noise when cold?? Had new rotors and pads a few weeks ago, it was making this noise prior to that, still happening? So i figure that rules out pad shims etc , thanks in advance , NS VRX, 3.8 V6,,CHEERS
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Old 12-05-19
Seigried Seigried is online now
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My NS does this also. I can only hear it when the window is down and im comining to a full stop pulling into my driveway.

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Old 10-10-19
adamd adamd is offline
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It sounds like the accumulator on the ABS unit (silver cannister attached to the ABS unit back driver's side of the engine bay). Mine has just started doing the same (3.8 V6). Try pumping the brake pedal when the car is cold and you can get the noise to occur. You can buy the accumulator from MM for about $540. I was told we shouldn't need to replace the entire ABS unit.
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