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Techniques Winching - Recoveries - Chainsaw Safety - Proper aproach to 4wding etc

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Old 07-09-19
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You forgot the high lift jack and two spares hanging of a rear bar.

That's cool.
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Old 07-09-19
disco stu disco stu is offline
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Ha ha! You're right, completely forgot that one. I was looking at getting a high lift jack-purely for turning it into a bodgy press! Those things scare me a bit
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Old 09-09-19
CharlieAubo CharlieAubo is offline
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Smile BOG OUT - Club

Hi there Stu

Thank you asking about how BOG OUT works - the Pajero Club of Victoria needs to test BOG OUT and we invite the Club to formally contact us.

We have videos and reports from 4WD Club of WA see and the Holden 4WD Club of SA - eg

In fact, the 4WD Club of WA liked our system so much they resold it at the 2019 Perth 4WD Show and raised significant funds for the club as well as attracting new members.

I can answer many of the questions raised in this thread, but I think a test by your club will be the 'proof of the pudding'.

Thank you for your time and we look forward to hearing from you or the club via our website.

Charlie Aubin (Mrs)
Director - BOG OUT

Originally Posted by disco stu View Post
Hi all. Just wondering if anyone has used the bog out style recovery cable harness thingies? Seems to be a few different versions around of the same thing

Just wondering how these would compare to a winch? I'm guessing a winch would give you more options, but the bog out would be at least a bit lighter to carry around, and cheaper than most winches. Just not sure how it work when on your own etc

Keen to hear any opinions

Cheers, Stu
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Old 09-09-19
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Why 4x4 owners strap their Max Tracks on the roof to look cool amazes me... Even tho they say the sun won't affect the plastic... Over time I recon it will... eventually... Ok to have them up there when travelling or off road, otherwise mine are in the house away from sun and heat...
They are also good to lye on if you have a sore back...

YES..... ITS A MITZY ....
97 NL 3.5 GLS AUTO (Formally owned by geopaj)__ARB bar, Snorkel ,2 Uniden Uhfs , Roof Console, 2"lift, Terrain Tamer Suspension, Dual bat, Redarc System, BFG KO2's All Terrains, 55L sub tank, Pioneer sound, Milford cargo barrier, Extractors, SS exhaust, 3 core radiator, Rear camp light, Free Wheel Hubs, Improved Rear Storage unit, Alarm, Led interior lamps, and a New Heart to come
..and No Airbags. We die like real Men
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Old 09-09-19
disco stu disco stu is offline
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Yeah-UV eventually gets to all plastic it seems. Small price to pay though to go along with your winch, high lift jack etc though

Thanks for your post Charlie. Being honest, I'm just a forum member rather than an actual club member so I'm not in a position to go speaking for or testing items on behalf of the club-feel free to send me a free set though (yes, joking)

I'm confident that these would suit me fine for most situations, its just those other times that I want to make sure I'm covered for, especially when on my own. I was looking at the bush winch, and the one thing they have is the ability to guide the front part of the cable (if using the full setup that costs a motsa) when running the winch part off the rear wheels and going forward. The large expense of the bush winch and other factors would push me towards an electric winch.

The bog out would have worked great for the last time I got stuck. Was a state forest in the southern highlands of NSW. 2wd track on the DPI map, and was perfectly fine for my camry all the way along.....until the small hill down to where I was going to park. First part was fine, then once over the dip in the middle and past the point of no return I realised that the next section was a lot worse. When trying to get out, I was just slipping all the way up. Spent an hour trying different paths and ways, flogging the poor car up there (killed my rear shocks!). I ended up with 2 front tyres down to the steel belts, front slipped into a rut and car ended up sideways somewhat. Everything I tried after that just ended up with the front slipping down the hill and pushing the rear close and closer to the edge (or just over it in the end). Off I went up the hill looking for reception. Luckily the only people I saw all day came along about 30min later and got me out. Bog out for each wheel would have got me up in sections no problems.

Brings up one question-how do you go about getting them off the wheels when you're not in a position to reverse to get them off and need to use them again to do the recovery in stages?
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