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Old 05-06-19
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Thanks for the interest.
You may be a little unlucky as have seen better spec NT's with the indicators in the mirrors.
I couldn't be bothered trying to find decent ones at a wreckers, so went to local MM dealer and grizzled at the price and got them cheaper; I think from memory at about $150 each.
What you will find is that the indicators are very simple and easy to connect, just unclip the black plastic cover from the lower edge, test existing leads for positive feed, connect while leaving a little extra wire for the mirrors to fold, and clip clear assembly in place.

The problem I had was with the 'puddle lights' which are built into the assembly and point to the ground.They are meant to come on when you unlock the car from a distance, and stay on till the door is closed.
But these are negatively switched, probably because they are on time delay or whatever, and are controlled by the ECU. A techie at MM told me that you have to have the correct ECU installed. (Maybe he didn't know how to program it?) If you are more capable than me you can try running wiring thru' the door from interior lights, but I think you would have to be very careful of polarity. There are a lot of very knowledgeable people on this site who could probably advise.

With the DRL's, nothing could be closer to the truth than the old "you get what you pay for" saying! I tried heaps of different led's, from eBay, all with amazing claims as to their brightness, but as soon as they were in sunlight they disappeared. Do yourself a favour and get something at the higher price range with a decent power draw and with a bit of depth to it, because you need some type of reflector to project the light, similar to a led work light.

My grille has the chrome, 3 layer look coming in at an angle at the bottom. I also have a chrome nudge and a light bar on the lower section of the bar, so I had to keep the light up at either the top or second section of the grille. After checking legalities with Transport, I opted for the middle section and got a controller from eBay which turns the lights off after 15 secs. when accessories is on and turns the lights to half strength when parkers and headlights come on. If the lights you choose have a mounting bolt/bolts in the back, just cut a piece of aluminium plate about the same size as the light and use that as a backing plate to bolt up to the back of the grille. If no bolts, get some 3M tape and stick to the solid section of the grille and some silicon around the rest: mine have never moved and I can get the silicon off if I have to.
If you go for the top section of the grille, you could go for an 8 or 9 led light. I have just the 6 led. Would like to know if any one has been game enough to crack their head light open to fit one of those 'neon' rope lights!
Hope this has been some help.


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