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Bolted on bits, factory and aftermarket accessories Discussion of after-market extras: winches, bull bars, tow bars (and Towing), roof racks, snorkels, and other cool stuff

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Old 18-10-17
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I found my Bushskinz Rock sliders have been a good benefit.
1st mod I did, when I got the Paj...
There has been talk of the side impact SRS bags and stuff, but I don't try overthink it..
Why I like the Rock sliders..side steps...whatever..
Well, they have protected the underneath sill a many times when I have gone over one of two decent tree branches covering a track or snapped and due to its internal tension, it flew up...hit the rock slider, was deflected and rolled away.
If the rock slider was'nt there, I believe the tree branch would have hit the door panel..either denting it, or giving it a good scrap.
On one or two excursions into the bush up here with the tight and very narrow tracks, I have scrapped around a few trees...the sliders seem to have protected the side of the Paj whilst I was not paying attention.
So, it's not only rocks they are good for.
Plus..and most importantly...
The little lady likes them too...she uses them as a stepup to get into the Paj, for with the 2" is a just fraction high.
She, having had a hip replacement, likes the less stress on her hip whilst getting in and out.
Also..not forgetting the furr child...
Hamish likes using the slider as a step whilst getting out of the Paj...lessens the jarring effect on himself a he gets out of the Paj..
Yeh... they are not cheap..which ever type you get...but I have found them worth it.
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Old 18-10-17
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Insurance companies aside, as they can be strange beasts. I agree that they on my Challenger have proven invaluable in not having to put in claims. The side steps on the Challenger were looking very secondhand after 20,000kms and if I was in claim mode then about once a year I would be making one.

On safety my understanding is the issue is they need a compression zone to be approved nowadays. Ones from Ironman have a simple design where the side impact is absorbed by a crumple zone. Due to the side having limited depth the zone is at best 50mm, if not half that. On a solid rail ladder chassis with narrow width like the Challenger there is precious little crumple space so while worthwhile considering if an option exists I think it minimal benefit.

I would not be without mine nowadays. Only thing is the Bushskinz ones are rather poorly painted. But then again drag them off, hit with wire brush and respray from a can and you are back in business. Powder coating is a two edge sword. While looks good it means damage is expensive to repair. I consider the rocksliders to be a "sacrificial" item.

For me, even at six foot three I need them to access the roof pod. The damage they have saved runs to many thousands of dollars. This is not extreme use, they by simply fending off a branch flicked up by the front wheels saved an expensive repair. When a road gave way they took the bulk of the weight and allowed DooSo to be slide over a log with not damage to be recovered.

I consider them after the diff and intercooler bashplates to be the next item to get to protect the vehicle. As written, I would check out if Ironman (or similar) have a suitable set that complies with crash standards, as safety is always important.
2014 PC Challenger, manual, factory tow-bar, factory front diff protector, TJM inter-cooler plate, Bushskinz manual transmission protection plate, ProRack S16 roof racks, front elocker, Drummond Motor Sport front struts, custom 16mm King rear springs with Bilstein Dampeners, Buzz Rack Runner 3 bike platform, Eclipse Nav head unit, GME TX3800BW UHF, 16x8 CSA Raptor rims, 265/75R16 Maxxis MT-762, orToyo AT/2 265/70R16 Triton rims, BFGoodrich 235/85/R16 Triton rims, or Factory tyres and rims.
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