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Old 16-07-19
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Originally Posted by dbdb View Post
I had some, they were nice and bright, but to fit them to an arb deluxe bar was a pain, and I removed them when one failed.
Thanks for that. I might give them a crack
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Old 12-01-20
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I posted the following in Electrical / Radios, as it might be of broader interest. Qutoed here for for continuity of this thread.

Originally Posted by nj swb View Post
Not long after I bought my NT I killed the Projecta dual battery isolator, and replaced it with a Redarc BCDC1220. At the time, I cobbled together a mount above the auxiliary battery, because this is where the Projecta had been installed by the previous owner:

Not a good idea. As can be attested by my long-suffering travel companions, in low range in hot weather the Redarc overheats and "de-tunes" its output. Low range hill climbs would see the battery voltage drop from above 14 V (bulk charging at 20A) to less than 13 V (slow charging - not what I bought a Redarc to do). Pop the bonnet, dribble some water over the Redarc to cool it down, and it would crank back up to full output.

So it needed to go somewhere cooler - either inside the cabin, in the air conditioning, or somewhere with better air flow, like behind the grille.

I used a couple of existing holes that mount a small plastic guard, and installed a couple of Rivnuts:

To that I mounted a custom designed 3D printed plate, and the Redarc is mounted to that.

So far, so good.

Too late, I realised that where I have mounted it won't work for the front mount intercooler I'm still hoping to fit, but there is room to redesign the mount to move it lower.

A job for another day.

At first glance, this mounting position appears to be behind a blanked-off section of the grille, but each section does have an opening to allow air flow. If I still have overheating problems I can cut these sections out.

If anybody is interested, the STL file (for the 3D printer) is attached (as a zip file).
Link to the other thread, for those who want it:
NT Platinum. DiD Auto with 265/70R17 Toyo MT, Lift, Lockers, Lockup Mate, Low range reduction, LRA Aux tank, bull bar, winch, lots of touring stuff. Flappy paddles. MMCS is gone!

Project: NJ SWB. 285/75R16 ST Maxx, 2" OME suspension, 2" body lift, ARB 110, 120l tank, bullbar, scratches, no major dents. Fully engineered in SA. NW DiD & auto in place - a long way to go....

Scorpro Explorer Box
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