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Old 29-05-18
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Originally Posted by stumagoo View Post
wow 14 psi may not net you 350 atw but it would be a hell of a ride still. Stock I believe you have around 150hp at the wheels and in the past on the turbo cars I have run we allowed 10 hp for every psi (this is a very rough rule of thumb of course) so I expect you would come close to double the stock power - and that would be crazy still
Given I made 370hp at the wheels at 16psi from my 2JZ powered E30 with a smaller turbo I'm pretty confident 350rwhp from a quad cam 3.5 with this turbine won't be a drama as long as the fuel system is up to scratch. I found the turbo efficiency maps last night so once I figure out which combo it is I'll post up the maps and the expected flow rates/power.

Originally Posted by craka View Post
I remember him saying when he bought it, that he was going to build a comp truck/rig out of it.

Well you can kind of blame me for the shit paint job. Got orange peel pretty bad, then got a mobile painter to come rub it back to fix it and respray, but tbh was a bit better but not a lot.
He most certainly did a shit job. Pete had started to rub it back again as most of the panels have bubbled terribly. Not rust, just like the paint has moisture under it. Not too worried, the plan at this stage is to paint the entire car in Rhino tray liner

Originally Posted by stumagoo View Post
looking over the pis there is a fair amount of custom fab work on this engine - and the engine seems pretty clean so I would not be surprised if it has been opened up and had some other parts installed, I have heard that the crank on these engines is already better than the magna 3.5 so it may be that there is no need for much else. I dont know how the rods and pistons stack up against the magna engine but I know that the magna boys do boost them (I believe they prefer to change out the pistons though) so anything is possible.....user MAD MAGNA would have more knowledge on this stuff as it is his day job
I found out over the weekend Pete had a drag racing mate who was helping him so I'm hoping I can get in touch and find out for certain. BTW, I thought your name looked familiar as a fellow Z32 pervert from PF
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Old 29-05-18
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Yep I am from the z forums as well. the 2Jz I think is likely to be a little more efficient at making power. the fuel pump is the same as an evo but the injectors are only 270 cc so I figure you will Max out your injectors before hitting 14 psi. also we have more drive train loss than a road car bigger tires diffs and gearboxes. That means more drive train loss
1994 NJ 3.0 now with a 2000NL 3.5 engine and driveline, 2.5 catback, 32" MT Deegan 38's, 1" body lift, front diff drop with front tension rods indexed and cranked an 3", 3" on the rear coils
*** retired to the big wrecking yard in the sky***
1998 NL blisterside, 285.75.16's on -22 rims 3" suspension lift, stealth winch install, custom front control arms, NJ GLS flares and some camping gear in the back

.... and 1990 Nissan Z32 300zx for on road shenanigans
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