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Old 03-02-19
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Originally Posted by disco stu View Post
That's interesting about the torque bars-I think tire shops need to invest in a few of those! If you can't tell I've been stuck not able to undo the wheel nuts before, searching through the bush for a rock or lump of wood to get them undone. I always undo and retighten these days
Yeah for sure, they're not that expensive and a shop/technician could get a set that would do basically any car they see, would also be quicker than setting the torque on a torque wrench (which is likely why they just rip em on tight rather than doing it properly). I've also been bitten by overtightened wheel nuts and a crap factory brace (in my commodore) that partly rounded off the nut so it couldn't get a grip on it any more.

I'm nice and familiar with Lithium batteries. Amazing jumps in technology, bar the fire issue! My issue is not the batteries fault, its me not keeping up with charging for rarely used tools. If I just bought a whole line of tools that ran off the same batteries it wouldn't be an issue though
Fire is only really an issue with them if the battery packs themselves are pierced, and having taken apart a ryobi battery that refused to charge any more I can tell you that you'd have to be really trying to pierce it! I also keep the impact gun/battery/socket/torque bar in a hard case in the car so nothing will damage any of it, and it's all in one place ready to go if needed. And yes agree on the issue with charging batteries for infrequently used tools, main reason I went to Ryobi one+ was so all of my battery tools use the same batteries, I usually keep one in the charger (it cuts off so it won't over charge), a couple in use, and the one in the impact wrench - if I could remember I'd swap the one in the impact with a fresh charged battery regularly just to ensure it's always charged, but as mentioned even 6+ months later it still holds charge (and I keep a 1/2" breaker bar in the car, so worst case scenario I just go back to manual if the battery is flat).
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Old 04-02-19
disco stu disco stu is offline
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One day I'll start swapping everything over, just need an excess of funds.....

Interesting story about lithiums and fire. I do casual teaching, and one day last year I had to take someones sport class. Something was getting thrown around in the back of the bus that looked like pop tart packet, which i ignored-kids eat that sort of crap all the time. It then got thrown to one of the kids near me, and I straight away recognised it as a lithium cell out of a tablet or similar, with some nice bend marks in it. Told the kid who had it not to do anything with it, just hold onto it and not bend it or anythin (there was my mistake, should have grabbed it myself).
Next thing I know he's saying "its getting hot, ITS GETTING HOT!!" and throws it onto the floor of the bus.

I'm sitting there just hoping that it won't actually catch fire, will just get a bit hot, when-poof-out pours the smoke!!

Bus pulls over, kids pile out, girl has asthma attack-twice!! Fun and games. Typical bloody teenagers!!
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Old 04-02-19
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Geez, good thing you mentioned that.

I'll make sure I don't throw those Lithium batteries on the floor of a bus.
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Old 04-02-19
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I bought a 12v rattle gun from the local RV store for about $60. I plug it in to the anderson on the car and it will undo wheel nuts which an extension bar and a lot of cursing won't shift. I do them up the same way but only to a certain degree and then finish of with my torque wrench. Both live in the 3rd seat wheel well.
2015 NX GLS, Factory alloy bar, Kings HD Springs & Koni Shocks with 50mm lift, MM Auto Mate, dual batteries with Redarc DC/DC, LRA 58L tank, Safari snorkel, Boo's bash plates (full set), 17" steels with BFG KO2's, Drifta drawers with slide, TPMS, Uniden UH8080S. Goldstream caravan and a TVan Firetail.
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