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Originally Posted by draganlada View Post
Good news,I've found out why EGR was shoving 0.00%
Started the car,scanner was shoving EGR 0.00% but CAT temperature went over 400'C in just few hundred meters after startup (normally sits around 300'C all the time ) and started rising towards 600 very quickly.That put smile beck on my face,I knew what it meant,DPF started its burn process and that is why EGR was shut ,as soon as CAT temperature came back to 300-ish,EGR started to show its normal figures
I remembered reading somewhere on this forum EGR valve is shut during DPF burn cycle and this prove it correct.
Now to find some honest mechanic to clean my inlet manifold and doesn't want an arm and a leg in return
Honest mechanic is the key. You want yo be sure they're going to do a thorough job, and not just squirt a spraycan at the inlet. Doing the job properly takes time, and time must be paid for. 5-7 hours labour would be normal I'd say, and most good mechanics charge 100-150 per hour these days in Sydney.
If you don't know anyone, I can put you in touch with the guy that did a fantastic job on mine. Just pm me if interested.
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