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Many years ago, when I had a Prado, I unwisely put a water container and small tool box on opposite ends of the rear bumper bar on our caravan.
The effect was immediate; a very noticeable 'shimmy' from side to side in the car, due to the extra leverage or swaying of the caravan. Most 'van manufacturers don't recommend adding too much more to the bar.
Nonetheless, our latest 'van has had an extra support added, and with the spare, a box for the occasional use of a Honda 2gen. and a hi-lift jack, I always make sure that every thing is centred as much as possible to the middle of the 'van. Made a bracket for the jack so that it sits in-between the tyre and box on the inside of the bar.
So far have had no problems with our NW.
It is a great, gutsy car for a 4 cylinder.
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