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Originally Posted by sharkcaver View Post
A forum member emailed me with a screen clip just after I posted. It appears to be from their manual. I just downloaded the manual from their site and its pretty basic in regards to solar, noting this is revision 2. The manual I was sent was probably the original manual. see scenario 2 in the attached clip:
Thanks, Sharkcaver. Having re-read my manual, what your friend did not indicate was that the info he provided was for 'voltage sense mode' in which the operation of the DCC-Pro is determined by the voltage of the main battery. However, the other mode available is 'ignition control mode' where the operation of the DCC-Pro is controlled by whether the ignition switch is on or off. This is the mode I have always used. In this mode, if the ignition switch is off, the main battery is isolated and the solar only charges the auxilliary. See scenario 3 in the attached. I had forgotten the about the first mode as I've never used it.
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