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Originally Posted by damo03 View Post
Hi All,

My NW diesel I just acquired was quite high in the rear but standard up front. It's clear now as the rear has raised CRR-91 springs in the rear with airbags. These are fine for now and with airbags should be good for load carrying and when camping off road.

The front only has standard springs: CFR-90. I'm looking at putting either CFR-90HD or
CFR-90EHD to level up the ride height.

The car has the following up front:

Smart bar (49kg)
Warn winch with synthetic rope
Dual battery
Soon to be added alloy roof rack
Steel bash plates

Could those with experience with the front springs CFR-90HD and CFR-90EHD please let me know their experiences. I'll be keen to hear about your setups (mods/accessories) and how it handles, especially if you have the EHD.

I want the lift up front but don't wish to destroy the ride around town.

My Paj has exactly the same set up with steel cable.
I have Lovells HD springs front and rear.
The ride is beautiful.
Just my 2c
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