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Default Transmission breather

Looking for any advice/tips on fitting a diff breather kit to my challenger. 2011 PB, 4x4 Auto, no lockers

Recently went through a large puddle and had the trans suck in a few liters of water (oil was coming out of the seals). As a result had to have the transmission replaced.

Looking at this kit from Air on Board (have purchased a few items from them before):

Main questions are:
1. Is a 3 way breather with a Y splitter for the trans/TC a good idea vs a 4 way?
2. Are the included fittings compatible with the mitsi valves?
3. How hard is it to fit a breather kit? I've heard the valve on the top of the trans is difficult to get to (haven't had a look yet as car is still in the shop).


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