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Mate I have the Stauns set to 18psi, ok one is 19, one is 17, I can recalibrate them if I want which would take all of 5 minutes, but it’s no issue, and it works a treat. When they are locked in they don’t budge, or do what I do I mark a line so I know where to set back to if they are moved slightly if they used by someone else and they accidentally loosen the lock but. I go around the car, takes 2 minutes to put them on and I just stand up and talk to the MRS, while everyone else is on their haunches.I do an audit pressure every now and then to make sure they haven’t drifted and it’s all good.
If you want you can invest in another set and set them up for rough trails, I dunno 28psi, at around 90 bucks a set it’s a bit of an investment to buy another set, or you could just set two up at 18 and the other two and 28 and mark them. The best investment I made.
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